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Who are Zaho De Sagazan Parents? Explained!


Zaho de Sagazan is a French singer-songwriter, who was born on December 28, 1999, in Saint-Nazaire, France. Fans of the Zaho singer are searching for Zaho’s parents. In this article, you will get to know about her parents.

Who are Zaho De Sagazan Parents?

Zaho de Sagazan is the daughter of Olivier de Sagazan. He is a painter, sculptor, and performer. His works have been exhibited in various galleries & museums around the globe, such as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal, and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Zaho’s mother’s profession is teaching, and her name is Gaëlle LE ROUGE de RUSUNAN.  In her family, she has three older sisters and a twin. Names of her siblings are:

  • F Thalie LE MONIÈS de SAGAZAN 1990
  • F Leila LE MONIÈS de SAGAZAN 1991
  • F Emmanuelle LE MONIÈS de SAGAZAN 1993
  • F Kaïta-Aude LE MONIÈS de SAGAZAN 1999
  • F Zaho-Agathe THE MONIES of SAGAZAN 1999

The young singer-songwriter-pianist and performer studied management before working in a nursing home.

Zaho De Sagazan has active accounts on social media, she has around 31.6 K followers on Instagram. You can check her profile on Instagram by her name.

Zaho De Sagazan released various songs in 2023 which are her hits, for example, Aspiration, Mon Corps, Mon inconnu, Ja Reve, Tristesse, etc.

Who are Zaho De Sagazan Parents

Singer Zaho from Sagazan dreams of crazy love, she has not yet released her first album, but announced for the spring, that her 2023 agenda is already full, between festivals (Europavox, in Clermont-Ferrand, and Les Vieilles Charrues, in Carhaix, in July) and concerts under her name (at the Trianon, in Paris, on April 18).

At 22, Zaho de Sagazan is expected to be the one who can introduce, with her expressive mezzo-soprano timbre, new blood into French song. “When I was little, my parents were afraid that people would make fun of me,” she says.

However,” I really had a special voice, much deeper than that of all the other girls and boys. To find it, I went through many stages, from nasal to mannered.

Zaho De Sagazan revealed how she became a singer, “The first time I saw the images of Brel singing These people, I was left speechless, then I looked at them fifty times in a row. I saw this house and this table with people sitting around it.

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I discovered the possibility of telling stories through songs. Talk as much as possible in three minutes and very few words. Before the age of 13, I heard French songs at home thanks to my mother, a teacher who loves the language. From that moment, I began to listen to them.

At the age of 13, she stopped dancing “to discover boredom”, which she occupied by listening to British singer and pianist Tom Odell over and over. “I wanted to be like him.

There was a piano in a very cold room in the house, I went there to never leave it again. I started to write, convinced that I would sign superb songs! Today Today, I obviously have a lot more doubts…” So, she relies on the Brazilian adage “Talent is sweat.”

To conclude, Zaho has a beautiful family which includes her parents and 4 siblings. Her parents are also working in the professional sector of arts and teaching.

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