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World Trigger Season 4: Latest Updates and Expected Release Date


Japanese manga artist Daisuke Ashihara adapted his work into an anime series called World Trigger. There have been three seasons of the anime published so far, and they all contribute to the show’s status as one of the best of all time.

World Trigger Season 4

As a result of the show’s global popularity, the release date of Season 4 of World Trigger has become a topic of intense interest. Let’s learn more about the upcoming season of World Trigger.

World Trigger Season 4 Release Date

The premiere date for Season 4 of World Trigger has not been revealed. On October 5, 2014, the first of 73 episodes of the anime’s first season debuted. On January 10, 2021, we saw the launch of the second season of the show. The wait for the third season was short, since its 14 episodes were released on October 10, 2021. Yet, it appears as though production on the fourth season is going longer than expected.

Hopes and assumptions have us thinking that World Trigger Season 4 will premiere sometime in late 2023 or early 2024. Only official updates should be relied on at all times. This page will be updated as soon as a release date is announced.

World Trigger Season 4 Trailer

The Storyline of World Trigger Season 4

The protagonist of World Trigger is Yma, a member of Border. He is well-connected socially. In order to aid in the defence of Mikado City, he acquires special abilities. Yma’s father fashioned a Black Trigger for him after a lad nearly lost his life in war, marking the beginning of a difficult period in Yma’s life. His father gave his life so that the Trion in the Black Trigger would keep the kid alive.

World Trigger Season 4


Osamu, Yma, and the others make plans to travel to the Neighbor World in an effort to rescue Yma’s father. During his time in Border, Yma has a close connection with the Tamakoma Second. As a group, they want to keep each other safe from the hostile neighbours by putting an end to the violence.

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World Trigger Season 3 Recap

The B-Rank Wars are in full swing at the BDA headquarters in season 3. Teams battle for the chance to advance. Osamu Mikumo and the rest of Tamakoma-2 have come a long way, but they’ll need to keep pushing if they want to get to the final stages.

World Trigger Season 4

The group has started practising and has added a new, skilled member. They devise fresh plans of action. They only want to buy a plane ticket to the Neighbor’s world, that’s all.

World Trigger Cast and Characters

You can find the list of World Trigger anime characters and the voice cast below:

 Chika Amatori Nao Tamura
 Yūma Kuga Tomo Muranaka
 Yūichi Jin Yūichi Nakamura
 Osamu Mikumo Yuuki Kaji
 Akane Hiura Chihiro Ikki
 Shiori Usami Eri Nakao
 Replica Hideyuki Tanaka
 Sōya Kazama Hikaru Midorikawa
 Visa Hiroshi Naka
 Rei Nasu Houko Kuwashima
 Kyōsuke Karasuma Jun Fukuyama
 Lamvanein Junichi Yanagita
 Kōhei Izumi Kaito Ishikawa
 Ai Kitora Kana Hanazawa
 Takumi Rindō Keiji Fujiwara
 Shūji Miwa Masakazu Morita
 Yōtarō Rindō Megumi Urawa
 Jun Arashiyama Nobuhiko Okamoto

World Trigger Season 4 Spoiler

The story revolves around the people living in Mikado City and the conflicts they have with one another. Osamu Mikumo and the remainder of Tamakoma’s voyage will be documented for sure.

World Trigger Ratings

The series has received positive reviews from audience and critics. The series with all three seasons was a big hit. On IMDb, it received 7.5/10. It got 72% approval rating on AniLis, 7.5 on MyAnimeList.

Its most recent, critically acclaimed season ranks 8.29/10 on the website’s list, making it the 256th highest-rated show overall.

Popularity in Japan and the West

Many volumes of the World Trigger manga had already reached the top of Oricon’s weekly and monthly sales rankings, with an average of about 275,000 copies sold per book, before the anime appeared.

World Trigger was the number 20 best-selling manga of 2016, according to Oricon. Among the top 100 manga series chosen by 150,00 viewers of TV Asahi, World Trigger placed 14th in the poll known as Manga Sosenkyo 2021.

Fans have stuck by the series through the author’s pauses and sporadic volume releases, and it has continued to smash sales records with each new installment.

Where To Watch World Trigger?

The popular Anime Series World Trigger is available for viewing on Crunchyroll. All of the episodes are presently accessible there. This anime series is a must-see for any fan of the genre.

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The anime series World Trigger is based on a Japanese manga by Daisuke Ashihara. The show’s three seasons were quite successful. The third season of Global Trigger has not been renewed as of yet. Further information, including the release date, is forthcoming.


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