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Get Ready to Fall in Love Again: Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 and 6 Release Date Announced!


With its premiere on March 9, 2023, the Korean male love drama “Our Dating Sim” has been a hit among fans of the LGBT romance subgenre.

The programme revolves around the inspiring story of Lee Wan and Ki Tae, two high school buddies. They broke up seven years ago over a misunderstanding, but were reunited when Ki Tae offered Lee Wan a job at the gaming company where he worked as a team leader.

Release date of Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 & 6

New episodes of our dating simulation game will premiere in South Korea on March 23, 2023, at noon. The following countries’ release times are included for the benefit of international readers:

  • USA: 11:00 pm EST on March 22
  • Canada: 11:00 pm NT on March 22
  • India: 8:30 pm IST on March 23
  • Australia: 2:00 pm AEST on March 23
  • Philippines: 11:00 am PHT on March 23
  • Japan: 12:00 pm JST on March 23
  • Britain: 3:00 am UTC on March 23

Recap of Our Dating Sim Episodes 3&4

Lee Wan begins his first day at Re: Try in episodes 3 and 4, and he meets the crew, notably Sunny, a respected but dishevelled team member. Ki Tae invites Lee Wan to write a review of their game, but he’s not happy with what he turns in.

Ki Tae is impressed by Lee Wan’s forthrightness regarding the game’s possibilities. Lee Wan delivers his evaluation and awes the group with his recommendations during a meeting. Lee Wan finds out later that Ki Tae was behind him getting the position.

Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 and 6 Release Date

Lee Wan approaches Ki Tae, who identifies himself as Game Boy, on the patio. Ki Tae removes a rice grain from Lee Wan’s lips as the two begin to flirt. Ki Tae takes Lee Wan to where they both used to attend school, which brings back unpleasant memories for Lee Wan. Ki Tae opens up about his emotions, but a chance football hit to Lee Wan sets the two up romantically.

Our Dating Sim Main Cast 

Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 and 6 Release Date

Our Dating Sim stars Lee Seung Gyu, a South Korean actor and model who previously co-starred with Lee Jong Hyuk in the teen drama “User not found.”

Lee Jong Hyuk has played the lead role in several successful dramas before, including Heart Way and No bother me. In the film “User not Found,” he had a supporting part and received positive feedback for his performance.

Our Dating Sim: Where to Watch

As Our Dating Sim is a web drama, it can be seen by viewers all around the world on websites like Rakuten Viki, which provides high-quality subtitles in several languages. In order to view without interruption, users will need to pay for a premium subscription to the site.

How Many Episodes Will Our Dating Sim Have?

It has been announced that there will be a total of 8 episodes in Our Dating Sim, with two episodes dropping every week. From now until the end of March, the programme will drop two episodes every Thursday.

The past two episodes of Our Dating Sim saw Lee Wan accepting a job offer from Re: Try thanks to encouragement from his number one admirer, Gameboy. Ki-tae attempts to create a chaotic work environment by forcing Wan to work excessive hours. But, Ki-coworkers tae’s saw that he was acting out of character.

Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 and 6 Release Date

Wan is disappointed when he discovers that Ki-request tae’s was the sole reason he was hired. Ki-tae calls him a “gameboy” and identifies him. Things get even more complicated for the artist when Ki-tae reveals to Wan that he has secretly harboured affections for him for the past seven years.

Is There A Trailer For Our Dating Sim?

The answer is yes! Here is a preview of the brand new Korean BL series, Our Dating Sim:

Is season 5 and 6 worth watching

This was my favourite programme, and I was sad to see it stop after season 4. The teaser for Season 5 was released, and it revealed that the Lucifer that returned to Earth was actually his twin brother. The first episode of Season 5 was enjoyable, but now that I’ve seen the twist coming, I’m not sure why I should continue watching. The sixth season has finally arrived! If I wanted to believe the programme ended after Season 4, would it be better to watch Seasons 5 and 6, or vice versa?

Frequently Asked Question 

When will “Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 and 6” be released?

The release date for “Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 and 6” is currently set for [Thursday ,23rd March], but this is subject to change.

Will there be new love interests in episodes 5 and 6?

Yes, there will likely be new love interests introduced in episodes 5 and 6, along with new storylines and events to experience.

Can I continue my progress from previous episodes in “Our Dating Sim”?

Yes, if you have saved your progress from previous episodes, you should be able to continue where you left off in episodes 5 and 6.

Q: Will there be any special bonuses or rewards for playing “Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 and 6”?

There may be special bonuses or rewards available for playing episodes 5 and 6, such as exclusive items or scenes, but this information is not yet available.

What platforms will “Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 and 6” be available on?

The game is expected to be available on the same platforms as previous episodes, which may include PC, mobile devices, and gaming consoles.

Can I play “Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 and 6” if I haven’t played the previous episodes?

Yes, you can still play episodes 5 and 6 even if you haven’t played the previous episodes. However, playing previous episodes may provide more context and backstory for the characters and events in episodes 5 and 6.

Will “Our Dating Sim Episodes 5 and 6” include mature content?

It is possible that the game may include mature themes or content, such as sexual references or suggestive scenes. Players should check the game’s rating and content warnings before playing.


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