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Oasis Episode 6 Release Date, Trailer, Plot And Where To Watch


Date for the release of Episode 6 of the melodrama Oasis, which follows three friends as they come of age in South Korea during the country’s political unrest in the 1980s. Du-Hak and Cheol-Woong have known each other since they were kids and, despite their rivalry, are close friends. They find common ground with the new student Oh Jung-shin, and eventually fall in love with her. But, circumstances beyond his control force Du-Hak into a life of crime in jail.

Oasis Episode 6 Release Date

Oasis Episode 6 Release Date

On Tuesday, March 21 at about 12:50 p.m. (GMT), or 7:50 a.m., episode 6 of Oasis will be released (ET). The day after the show airs, you may watch it with English subtitles on Viki. The duration of Episode 6 will be around 1 hour and 10 minutes, which is standard for KBS dramas.

Trailer For Oasis

An Overview of Oasis Episode 6


Information Details
Title Oasis
Genre Melodrama
Plot Three friends coming of age during South Korea’s political turmoil in the 1980s
Main Characters Du-Hak, Cheol-Woong, Oh Jung-shin
Episode 6 Release Date Tuesday, March 21
Episode 6 Length About 1 hour and 10 minutes
Episode 6 Availability KBS2 channel, Wavve, and Viki
English Subtitles Available on Viki

Plot of Oasis K-Drama

Changes in South Korea’s leadership in the 1980s led to instability and protests. Lee Doo Hak and his friend Choi Cheol Woong were two youngsters living in a tiny town in Jeolla Province and going to high school together. But all changed when Oh Jung Shin, a student from Seoul, transferred to their school.

Oasis Episode 6 Release Date

The three of them became fast friends, but eventually the two males’ growing feelings for Oh Jung Shin led to rivalry. Yet, unavoidable bad things began to happen to them at a young age. Something terrible occurred to Lee Doo Hak’s family, and he became enraged and determined to get revenge.

Oasis Episode 6 Release Date

Oasis Cast

Jang Dong Yoon as Lee Doo Hak

Seol In Ah as Oh Jung Jin / Sophia

Choo Young Woo as Choi Cheol Woong

Do Sang Woo as Kim Hyung Joo

Hyun Seung Hee as Ham Yang Ja

Park Noh Shik as Support Role

Where Can I Watch Oasis Episode 6?

The KBS2 broadcast of Oasis will begin at 9:50 p.m. (KST). In select regions, it will also be available on the video-sharing platform Viki, in addition to the Korean app Wavve. There is currently no other online service where you may see it.


The melodrama Oasis follows the lives of three friends as they mature in the midst of South Korea’s political unrest in the 1980s. Two pals, Lee Doo Hak and Choi Cheol Woong, of the 1980s, fell for the same Seoul girl in the KBS2 drama Oasis.


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