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Futoku No Guild Season 2: What We Know So Far


Is there going to be a Season 2 of Futoku No Guild? The Futoku No Guild anime, adapted from the manga of the same name, was first announced in March 2022. The 12th and final episode of the anime was broadcast on December 21, 2022, JST.

Kikruru, the series’ main protagonist, is at the core of the plot, which is set in a mediaeval world rife with magic and monsters. Since he spent his childhood and adolescence training to become the strongest fighter in his guild, Kikuru feels he missed out on a normal upbringing.

His ultimate goal is to stop fighting and start a carefree retirement, and he plans to do it by training a new successor for his guild. That’s easier said than done, what with Kikuru’s insatiable thirst for adventure and his own naughty guild members.

Which of you here is a huge admirer of Futoku no Guild? Have you been waiting for news about the second season of the show? Let this moment pass! This article contains every piece of information you’ll ever need to know about the second season of Futoku No Guild.

Renewing or cancelling a show depends on a number of factors, including when the next season is released, who will portray the characters, how well the show does in the ratings, how many episodes we can expect to see, where we can watch Futoku No Guild, and whether or not a trailer has been released. Without further ado, let’s dive into Futoku No Guild Season 2 and find out what’s in store!

Futoku No Guild Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Futoku no Guild has been widely talked about since since it first aired. Despite having promise and promising visuals, the show was not renewed for a second season.

When will we get to watch the second season of Futoku No Guild? As there has been no confirmation either way, we can only speculate as to when season 2 will premiere. Futoku No Guild’s second season could premiere in 2023.

Futoku No Guild Season 2 Trailer

Futoku No Guild Season 2 Plot

Kikuru Madan has a sterling reputation as one of the most experienced guards in the Mebuki neighbourhood guild, but he laments the loss of his youth and just wants to live out the remainder of his days normally. He is hesitant to resign quite yet since he is concerned about the fate of the guild without his leadership.

Enome, the guild’s receptionist, brings Kikuru four new members: the savvy Maidena Ange, the chill Toxico Dannar, and the dogged Hanabata Nohkins. Hitamu’s extreme clumsiness and Hanabata’s inadvertent perversity are only two examples of how their remarkable abilities are hampered by characteristics that are otherwise absent.

Futoku No Guild Season 2 Plot

When the monsters outside Mebuki’s gates start targeting ladies for sexual delight, the party encounters a number of challenges. Yet Kikuru is set on retiring early, and he knows that in order to do so, he must give his kids the best education he can.

Futoku No Guild Season 1 Recap

There is a main character who can’t make up his mind between the women (who are all obviously in love with him), hence the story focuses on his inability to settle down with anyone. The protagonist Kikuru of the Futoku No Guild anime wants to retire and do nothing, which just adds to the hilarity.

Because of this, he is on the lookout for a new leader to take over his guild, but he has only been able to secure funding from people who are notoriously untrustworthy and accident-prone, so Kikuru must come to the rescue. It’s fun to watch the characters be caught in new bizarre traps every episode, and they’ve often appealed to Kikuru for help.

Futoku No Guild Season 2 Cast

Fans of Futoku No Guild may rest assured that the next season will take them on a visually spectacular, emotionally engaging, and ultimately satisfying adventure. Many are curious about the Season 2 cast of Immoral Guild.

Where To Watch ‘Futoku No Guild’?

As the anime concluded, a number of new viewers arose, all of whom intend to watch it all at once. We realise how challenging it has been for you to watch anime online due to the fact that there is only one site where anime is legally released.

There is only one legitimate method of watching the Futoku No Guild anime online. Every Wednesday since October 5, 2022, new episodes of anime have premiered on regional Japanese television. Due to its status as an ecchi and harem anime, Futoku No Guild has both a sanitised and an uncensored version.

Since the anime’s debut, it has been aired on restricted versions by local Japanese networks as Tokyo MX, TVA, KBS Kyoto, SUN, and BS11. To the contrary, AT-X is the only Japanese channel that airs anime in its original form. If you have access to one of the aforementioned networks, you can watch the newest episodes of your favourite anime series.

Fans all across the world can’t watch the Futoku No Guild anime anywhere else because only Bilibili Tv has all of the episodes.


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