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Little Boy Blue Season 2: Release Date and What to Expect


There is much debate surrounding accounts of the murder of young children. It’s unclear if the programme promotes and glorifies murder or just makes viewers aware that no one should get away with murder.

little boy blue season 2

One of these programmes that I enjoyed watching was Little Boy, a drama about a murdered little child. In February 2022, two months after the show’s ITV premiere, there has still been no word on how the series is faring. The material below covers the second season of the show.

Little Boy Blue Season 2 Release Date

The programme hasn’t been renewed yet. The release date of the series is thus uncertain. In 2024, a second season could premiere.

Little Boy Blue Season 2 Trailer

Little Boy Blue Season 2 Plot

The Little Boy series tells the true story of the murder of 11-year-old Rhys Hones, who was found dead in Croxteth. The drama revolves around the parents’ laborious quest for information and resolution for their child. The murder case had been solved by the time the first season ended, and Sean Mercer had been charged with killing the little boy.

little boy blue season 2

Despite one of the witnesses changing their evidence, the police were nevertheless able to bring charges against the criminals. While Mercer and his band of criminals were sent behind bars, the family is too devastated to find peace in their sentence. The second season’s plot was beyond our ability to develop, but if it is renewed, it may focus on the killers’ life after they

Little Boy Blue Season 1 Recap

The true story of the brutal murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones is depicted in the film Little Boy Blue. In 2007, the body of a young guy named Rhys was found in Croxteth.

This neighbourhood is located in Liverpool. Crucial to the story are Melanie and Steve’s trials and their determined pursuit of justice for their child. The story also touches on other pressing societal challenges facing today’s young people.

Little Boy Blue’s story is based on real events. The murder of eleven-year-old Rhys Jones is the subject of this work. Rhys was shot in the parking lot of the Fir Tree bar as he was returning from football practise. Residents and eyewitnesses to the crime all recognised the masked man who pulled the shot that day. The bulk of the work, nevertheless, was spent collecting evidence to secure his arrest.

little boy blue season 2

Dave Kelly, a detective superintendent, has been given the responsibility of apprehending Rhys. As a result, the series delves further into the investigation and reveals how the killers were caught. Melanie and Steve Jones, whose lives are turned upside down as a result of the incident, are also followed.

Watch as they get married and devote themselves to finding their son’s killer. We also look into how Melanie and Steve’s relationship has changed since the breakup.

Little Boy Blue Season 2 Cast

Stephen Graham played Detective Superintendent David Kelly in the first season (Bodies). Melanie Jones was played by Sinead Keenan, Steve Jones was performed by Brian F. O’Byrne, Claire Olsssen was played by Faye McKeever, and The Little Child Rhys Jones was played by Sonny Beya.

little boy blue season 2

On top of all that, Michael Moran portrayed Kevin Moody, Nathan Clark Smith, Jordan Olssen, James Yates, Sean Mercer, Paddy Rowan, and Dean Kelly. It’s unclear if any other cast members will reprise their roles, as the show’s fate is still up in the air. Despite the show’s popularity, a second season may not be produced. If we do, you can count on seeing almost all of the original cast members make a return.


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