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The Last Of Us: When Will Episode 6 Be Released?


The Last of Us on HBO has impressed viewers with its compelling plot and memorable characters. Now that we’re almost halfway through the first season, fans of the HBO Max series based on the highly acclaimed video game of the same name from Naughty Dog are probably wondering when they can start streaming the next episode. Episode 6 of The Last of Us will air on HBO at the times and dates listed below.

The Last of Us Episode 6: Release Date

On the same day, Sunday, February 19, 2023, Episode 6 of The Last of Us will premiere on HBO Max and air on HBO in the United States. The episode will broadcast on Sky Atlantic on Monday, February 20, 2023, and subscribers to Entertainment Pass can watch it on NOW.

“Kin” is a typical way of referring to blood relatives, and it serves as the episode 6’s title. Ellie and Joel may soon be in contact with Joel’s brother Tommy to find out what he’s been up to since they last heard from him. It’s also possible to read this as a metaphor for the budding friendship between the two leads. Jasmila bani, who also acted as director, adapted a script by Craig Mazin.

The Last of Us Episode 6: What to Expect?

Episode 3 of The Last of Us is titled “Kin.” Scripting was done by both Craig Mazin and Jeremy Webb.

Watch the official preview for the episode below while you wait.

This video depicts that Joel and Ellie travel to Wyoming, where Joel is reunited with his long-lost brother Tommy. As a result of what happened in Kansas City, Ellie decides to open up to Joel. They have become closer than ever before, yet they won’t admit it to one other.

The tensions between Joel and Tommy will be explored in this episode. A fresh cast of characters will arise, and Ellie herself will develop. She has trained with a gun and is not afraid to use it if necessary to ensure her own existence. Joel will do anything to protect Ellie because she reminds him of Sarah.

In the Final Episode of “The Last of Us,” What Happened?

The events of The Last of Us: Episode 5 involving Henry and Sam hit like a tonne of bricks. Background: Henry and Sam are brothers who have become targets. Kathleen is on the search for Henry because he murdered her brother, the former leader of the resistance organisation.

Sam, aged eight, cannot speak since he is deaf. To communicate, he uses sign language. The siblings hit it well with Joel and Ellie after realising they both wanted out of Kansas City. After everyone has come so close to surviving, the resistance group launches an assault. Attacked mercilessly by the infected, they narrowly escaped.

It was the first time a bloater appeared on the show, and it happened in this episode! Both Henry and Sam perished in the Kansas City area. Sam went off the deep end after being bitten by a clicker during the ambush the night before. When Henry accidentally shot his brother, he turned the weapon on himself.


Episode 6 of The Last of Us will broadcast on HBO Max and HBO in the United States on February 19, 2023, with the next day’s airings on Sky Atlantic and NOW for streaming. With a title like “Kin,” maybe Ellie and Joel will reach out to Joel’s brother Tommy.

Jasmila bani directs from a script written by Craig Mazin. The tension between Joel and Tommy will be explored in the next “Kin” episode of The Last of Us. Eventually, Joel and Ellie will make it to Wyoming, where Joel can reunite with his missing sibling, Tommy.

This week’s episode’s narrative about Henry and Sam, who were killed in Kansas City, hit like a tonne of bricks. When Henry accidentally shot his brother, he turned the weapon on himself. The group of four was once again down to a duo.

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