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Kids Baking Championship Filmed: Latest Update!

It’s no surprise that Kids Baking Championship has been one of Food Network’s most popular series since its premiere in February 2015. For the chance to win $25,000 and be featured in Food Network Magazine, young bakers from all around the world compete on the show. Valerie Bertinelli, a television legend who has co-hosted the show with Ace of Cakes’ Duff Goldman from the beginning, is also competing.

Popular shows on Food Network were renewed for an eleventh season in November 2022. Unsurprisingly, fan favourites Valerie and Duff returned for the series’s milestone season, joined by a new crop of culinary geniuses. Season 11 deviated from the norm in a few key respects, so fans may be wondering if the show has relocated its production locales.

This is what we know about the location(s) used during filming of Kids Baking Championship.


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Where is ‘Kids Baking Championship’ Filmed?

Since the show’s inception, the same kitchen has been used to film each season of Kids Baking Championship. The competitors meet at Sunset Gower Studios, a 14-acre facility in Los Angeles. The show’s location is the same as that used for other Food Network baking competitions aimed at adults, such as the Spring Baking Championship, Halloween Baking Championship, and Holiday Baking Championship.

According to Food Network’s website, unlike the adult Baking Championship, the Kids Baking Championship doesn’t hold back from its younger competitors. The youngsters must film the show during the summer, and they have full access to everything that the adults do, including the baking stations and tools.


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Fans may have spotted some of the younger competitors standing on crates during the tournament, despite the fact that the location and structure were the same. The kids who are too short to reach the counter can use the crates for support as they get to work on their creations.

The Los Angeles-based set design of Kids Baking Championship is a culinary haven for young cooks. There’s plenty of room for all of the delicious stuff they’ll need, and the kitchen is bright and colourful to boot.

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Is Kids Baking Championship Filmed in One Day?

The baking competition, the judging, and the interviews for the first few episodes each took roughly two days to film. We were eventually able to record one episode every day because contestants were being eliminated one at a time, and the contestants were given a “dark day,” which is a day off from filming, once every four or five days. The average day on set lasted around nine hours, so the days were very long.

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