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Is The Drop Star Anna Konkle Married: Are There Any Details About Her Wedding?

Is Anna Konkle, star of The Drop, already taken? The Drop is a new Hulu comedy about what occurs after Lex (Anna Konkle), the protagonist, drops her friend’s baby while on vacation. Her friends are sceptical when Lex declares her desire to join the ranks of mothers everywhere.

On April 7th, 1987, American actress, writer, and director Anna Konkle entered the world. PEN15, an original comedy series on Hulu in which she co-stars with Maya Erskine, has brought them both a lot of attention. In 2019 and 2021, she was nominated for Primetime Emmys as Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, respectively, for her work on the show.

Is The Drop Star Anna Konkle Married

Is The Drop Star Anna Konkle Married?

Anna and Jermaine Fowler assume the roles of Lex and Mani, a happily married couple who go to an island to attend their friends’ destination wedding, in PEN15. Anna is engaged to American television writer and actor Alex Anfanger. They had a small ceremony in which they each gave the other a ring.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Next Time on Lonny, and Big Time in Hollywood, Florida all include her husband. Konkle cited Alex’s proposal as one of several bright spots in her life over the past year during the course of the conversation.


It’s understandable why the famous couple wouldn’t want to talk about their wedding plans or their daughter’s birth until after the ceremony is over.


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Anna and Alex’s Wedding: Any Details?

In addition, Anna stated to The Cut, “Writing is my top goal and one of my favourite activities.” The final draught of my autobiography is taking shape. In addition to my work on a major film, I am now developing a new series. It’s just that I like to experiment.

Anna told Vogue that they began trying to conceive in April and learned they were expecting in May. While she was in LA, I spent the week in Lake Arrowhead editing. Whereas it was snowing where I was, he was enjoying balmy temperatures of around 90 degrees. I decided to take the test on a whim since I thought I could be paranoid. Inconsolable happiness caused us to cry via FaceTime.

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The Drop actress went on to explain the significance of Essie’s middle name: “The middle name is an homage to my dad’s heritage…” Women in the Wunderles were well-known for their autonomy and forward thinking.

Not only that, but my great-great-grandfather, who was also a Wunderle, was able to grow his business from selling goodies from a pushcart to running a big facility where candy corn was originally manufactured. The name is really difficult to spell, so I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll embrace it.

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