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Are Nathan and Holly Still Together: What Do We Know About Them?

Major Season 3 Too Hot to Handle spoilers ahead. Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu were already in the endgame before they found out that Pleasure Island was the Netflix smash hit Too Hot to Handle. The two clicked instantly and went on to lose more money in the villa than any other couple had ever done before them, eventually bringing the prize money down to zero.

Within the first few minutes of the pilot, Nathan exclaimed, “Holy, she’s got a banging, banging, banging body.” As they say, “I’m kind of keen to give it a chance with her.” It was mutual; in the pilot episode, Holly admitted, “God, he’s handsome.” Oh, the things I would do for that man. As a result, Nathan was exiled to a desert island by a furious Lana, and their torrid romance swiftly escalated into rule break after rule violation, virtually every form of rule break in the Too Hot to Handle sexual vocabulary, and then some.

However. Nathan and Holly were a success story on Too Hot to Handle despite their flagrant contempt for Lana’s guidelines throughout the season. Uh, by pressing a doll representing Nathan against the heart of a doll representing Holly, Nathan learned to control his baser inclinations, and Holly came to trust Nathan.

Lana had nominated Nathan at the season’s end as one of the persons who had benefited most from his time in the retreat, but he had lost the $90,000 award to another Too Hot to Handle pair Beaux and Harry.

Are Nathan and Holly Still Together

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Are Holly and Nathan Still Together Now?

Despite their recent signals that they might be mending, Holly and Nathan are no longer together. Holly commented, “We’ve kept really close.” in the Too Hot to Handle reunion episode, which was taped before the cast began marketing season three in the middle of January. Love how we feel for each other so much… We treat each other with the utmost respect. No, I don’t think it worked.

Because of the difficulties reuniting after Nathan and Holly returned from “Too Hot to Handle,” they broke up. In a video released one week after the series finale, Holly remarked, “From day one to now we’ve always been incredibly close, we have a lot of respect for each other.” There’s no way I could claim it was a failure. Also, “I also had a few months left of obtaining my degree – I graduated,” Holly said.


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Holly tweeted a photo of her and Nathan in Nathan’s birthplace of London, where they were wearing identical jumpers and taking a mirror selfie while he kissed her on the head, so we’re holding out hope that they’re back together.

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