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Is Hild in Vinland Saga Based on: Who is He?

What about the character of Hild in the Vinland Saga? It’s no secret that there’s a lot of stuff to select from in the world of manga and anime right now, but even with all that choice, some shows still shine.

Vinland Saga is one such book that distinguishes out from the rest because of its genuine content, its emphasis on European history rather than Asian (Japanese or Chinese) history, and its faithful account of actual historical events.

The characters in Vinland Saga are primarily fictitious, however they are based on real people from history. In this article, we’ll talk about Hild from Vinland Saga and reveal whether or not she was based on a real person.

Is Hild in Vinland Saga Based on

Is Hild in Vinland Saga Based on A Real Person?

Any reader of the Vinland Saga will realise that many of the fictitious characters are based on real people from history. Although Yukimura treats each character in the original manga uniquely, many of them are based on real individuals.

It’s not that the show has no original characters that makes us wonder about Hild. Is Hild based on someone or anything, or do we have a really original figure on our hands?

We can confidently say that Hild is an entirely original work of fiction. Since she has only recently joined the Vinland Saga canon, there is still much to learn about her in future instalments, but thus far we have seen no proof that she is based on a real person, making her an entirely original creation.

From what we can discern, she only exists in the mind of her creator. What Yukimura has in store for us as the story develops and we find out more about Hild is something we cannot know at this moment and will have to wait and watch.

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Who is Hild in Vinland Saga?

The Norwegian huntress known only as Hild. Prior to the attack on her hamlet by Askeladd’s company, she had a hobby as an amateur inventor and as a carpenter. Sadly, she had to leave behind her entire family.

She made a murder attempt on Thorfinn several years after they had first met. She makes the decision to spare him and join him after hearing him say that he intends to construct a peaceful community; nevertheless, she guarantees that she will kill him if he ever abandons this objective.


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