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Draken Death in Tokyo Revengers: Will He Come Back?

One of the most talked-about shows this season is Tokyo Revengers. Many were sceptical at first because it was yet another Shonen series. The Tokyo Revengers series, however, is one of a kind.

The plot of Tokyo Revengers centres on the main character, Takemichi Hanagaki. His life is unremarkable and pointless. He has a low-paying part-time job where he is treated poorly, and he lives in a filthy, dilapidated flat. The murder of Hinata Tachibana and her brother Naoto by the Tokyo Manji Gang alters everything for him.

After being pushed in front of a train, Takimichi nearly lost his own life. But instead of dying, he is whisked back in time to prevent Naoto’s demise. Back in the present, Takemichi and Naoto figure out that he can change the past and save his sister. Ultimately, he decides to return to Tokyo Manji and destroy it.

Tokyo Revengers handled the situation brilliantly. We meet some truly remarkable people among this group. Despite Takemichi’s best efforts, it appears that one person, Ken Ryuguji (also known as Draken), is doomed to perish. Is he dead, though?

Draken Death in Tokyo Revengers

In the Final Moments of Tokyo Revengers, Draken Dies!

According to sportskeeda, Takemichi has known about Draken’s impending demise since since the first time leap in Tokyo Revengers. But it appears that Draken’s fate is already decided, despite his best attempts.

Takemichi finds out that Draken would be stabbed during a fight during one time jump. Although he was stabbed, Takemichi was able to preserve his life. Back in the present, in his mundane old life, he finds out that Draken still passed away.
Draken, leader of the Tokyo Revengers, ultimately succumbed to his gunshot wound sustained at the hands of the Rokuhara Tandai.

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Takemichi and Senju were on a date when Draken overheard talk about a hit being placed on Takemichi’s life, along with details about where it was to take place. Rokuhara Tandai members, hoping to finally kill Takemichi, fired a second shot after missing the first time. Rather than protecting Takemichi, Draken stood in front of him, absorbing the deadly blow.

In Chapter 224 of Tokyo Revengers, paramedics verified Draken was dead. Senju asked Takimichi and Draken to leave the scene of the crime since the gunshot had drawn bystanders. They all took off fleeing, but Draken stood his ground and eventually collapsed on the floor. The two, Takemichi and Senju, quickly made a plea for assistance. When assistance finally arrived, it was too late to save Draken.

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Takemichi had now reached his breaking point, realising that his entire mission in Tokyo Revengers was to protect his family from harm. Draken was either already dead or about to die in any timeline Takemichi visited with the Tokyo Revengers. Takemichi, who had before thought he could save him, now felt completely useless.

Since the beginning of Tokyo Revengers, Draken’s future has been predetermined.

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