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Evil Dead Rise Release Date: Is There Any Trailer?

The Evil Dead franchise is continuing its run with a brand-new dark story.

Evil Dead is rising from the dead with a brand-new entry in the enduring horror genre as well as a highly anticipated new film set to be released in 2023 titled Evil Dead Rise. In addition to this, the film has the support of the original masterminds, creator Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell, who are both working as executive producers for the film. This makes things even better.

Beginning with the original trilogy of movies starring Bruce Campbell as Ash and continuing through the television spinoff series Ash vs. Evil Dead and even a remake that was released in 2013 and received generally positive reviews from critics, the Evil Dead franchise has long been a fan favourite of horror fans all over the world.

What does this new instalment, Evil Dead Rise, bring to the table for the movie franchise? Everything you need to know about the scary movie is included in this article.

Evil Dead Rise Release Date

Evil Dead Rise Release Date

On April 21, 2023, Evil Dead Rise will be released in theatres all around the world. As of the beginning of January, it is anticipated that it will be the most successful film to be released during that week, with the only other title that has been confirmed being Quasi, the newest comedy from the Broken Lizard comedy company, According to What To Watch.

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Evil Dead Rise Trailer

The first trailers for Evil Dead Rise have been out, and there is a green band trailer that is suitable for all audiences, as well as a red band trailer that is suitable for audiences who are interested in seeing some of the gory delights that are in store for them when they watch the movie. Watch the trailers for both movies right down below:

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