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Tulsa King Season Finale: Does Dwight Beat Waltrip?

The film ‘Tulsa King,’ produced by Paramount+, follows the story of Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a mafia leader who moves to the namesake town in order to start a new crew. As the story develops, Dwight garners the allegiance of both new and formidable allies and adversaries.

In the episode named “Happy Trails,” which serves as the series finale, Dwight’s rivalry with Caolan Waltrip and the Black Macadam gang comes to a head. In this episode, we see Dwight letting go of his past and embracing his new life in Tulsa, only to find himself right back where he started.

Here is everything you need to know about the conclusion of the ninth episode of ‘Tulsa King,’ in case you were curious about the implications that Dwight’s actions would have and how they would play out in the future. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Tulsa King Season Finale

Tulsa King Finale Recap

According to Cinemaholic, The season one finale, titled ‘Happy Trails,’ begins with a flashback of Don Charles “Chickie” Invernizzi torturing one of the criminal family’s debtors at a New York City residence years ago. Dwight is summoned by Armand “Manny” Truisi to tackle the problem. When Dwight comes, he attempts to help the man, but Chickie accidently sets fire to the house. Dwight is compelled to murder the man and is caught as a result, which explains his 25-year prison sentence.

Dwight is being questioned by the ATF in the present after Stacy Beale is shot during a gunfight. Dwight, on the other hand, refuses to divulge any information about Caolan Waltrip’s whereabouts. A layer saves him and he escapes the interrogation without having to give any secrets. Dwight runs into Stacy at the hospital, where she is discovered to be recovering from a gunshot wound. Stacy, on the other hand, is concerned that she will be dismissed from the ATF. Dwight sends his best wishes to Stacy before leaving the hospital and rejoining his group.

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Meanwhile, Waltrip gathers the remaining Black MacAdam members. He gathers the gang for a showdown with Dwight and his gang. Dwight kills one of the members who insists on hiding and rebuilding since the ATF is on their tail. As a result of Waltrip’s ego, Black MacAdam is dragged into a gang war. Later, Dwight meets with Manny and asks him if he wants to avoid the impending conflict with Black MacAdam. Manny laments the fact that left New York all those years ago made him feel like a coward. Manny no longer wishes to be a coward and instead wishes to advocate for himself. As a result, he swears to fight alongside Dwight against Black MacAdam.

Chickie and his subordinates travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to meet Dwight. Chickie appears in the guise of settling his rivalry with Dwight. Dwight, on the other hand, sees through Chickie’s ploy and refuses to work with the head of the Invernizzi crime family. Dwight taunts Chickie and severes ties with the Invernizzi crime family. He does, however, bring Goodie Carangi to his side before returning Chickie and Nico to New York City. Dwight introduces Goodie to the gang as an official member of their team at Mitch’s eatery.

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Dwight’s gang, which includes Manny, Mitch, Tyson, Grace, and others, congregates in Mitch’s restaurant, where Dwight offers them a chance to leave the life of crime. He insists, though, that if they cross this line, there will be no coming back. The gang unanimously supports Dwight, and he delivers a speech to lift their spirits as they prepare to face Black MacAdam.

Later, Dwight meets with Bodhi and informs him of Waltrip’s riches, which has been accumulated in a bank account. He orders Bodhi to hack into Waltrip’s computer and steal the money. The operation becomes more difficult because Waltrip’s PC is in the custody of the ATF. Nonetheless, Bodhi overcomes the obstacle and drains millions of dollars from Waltrip’s bank account. Dwight requests that Tyson withdraw from the fight, but he refuses. Waltrip becomes outraged after finding that Dwight emptied his bank account and opens fire on Mitch’s eatery.

Does Dwight Beat Waltrip in the Tulsa King Finale?

After Dwight steals all of Waltrip’s money, the tension between Dwight and Waltrip reaches a breaking point in the episode’s final act. The Black MacAdam biker gang shows up at Mitch’s restaurant in order to get revenge and put an end to their hatred forever.

The biker gang starts shooting at the eatery and tries to kill everyone there. Dwight and his group, on the other hand, are ready to fight back. The group responds with their weapons, which starts a shootout between the two sides. Waltrip and Dwight begin to argue after the latter distributes drugs in what is thought to be Waltrip’s area of operation. Waltrip tries to reach out with an olive branch and seeks understanding despite their poor start. Dwight, however, declines and ends up killing Waltrip’s right-hand man, Carson Pike.

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In addition, the ATF pursues Black MacAdam after the incident that caused Waltrip to harbour animosity for Dwight. To establish his control and demonstrate that he is the undeniable Tulsa mafia boss, Dwight must ultimately defeat Waltrip. Dwight ends the gunfight by shooting Waltrip dead once he is cornered.

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