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Renfield Release Date: Is There a Trailer Yet?

Sometimes, a movie will only provide you with a smattering of facts, but by the time it’s over, you’ll be prepared for anything. This is what transpired for a good number of us when we first became aware of Renfield’s existence.

The film, which is based on the same-named familiar that Dracula kept with him, has already provided us with some memorable production photographs of Nicolas Cage walking to set. Despite the fact that we didn’t know very much else, the pictures were interesting enough to capture our interest.

But now that we’ve sampled Renfield for the first time, we can’t get enough of him!

Renfield Release Date

Renfield is referred to as Dracula’s familiar in the world of Dracula, which means that he is a human who carries out Dracula’s orders. However, because to Dracula’s affection for Renfield, he bestows upon him the ability to live forever if he consumes insects.

The novel by Bram Stoker paints a slightly different picture than what is shown in the cinematic adaptation of the story. Additionally, it appears that they are having issues in their relationship.

Renfield Release Date: When is It Coming Out?

Universal Pictures is planning to launch the film Renfield into theatres on April 14th, 2023. It is going to be shown in movie theatres.

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This means that there are only four months left until the new Dracula movie comes out, so if you’ve been wanting to read the novel or watch any of the previous adaptations, now is the time to start.

Is There a Renfield Trailer Yet?

On January 5, 2023, the first promotional video for Renfield was uploaded to the internet. The trailer provides us with a nice look at the overall comic tone of the picture, but there is also enough of brutality, caginess, and bug-eating to behold throughout the movie.

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