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Pressure Cooker Season 2: Who is in the Cast?

On Netflix’s Pressure Cooker, the 11 celebrity chefs share more than just a kitchen. The cast of the new series, which debuted on January 6, must spend many weeks together in a secure “citadel of gastronomy” alongside their adversaries.

Then, following a series of risky challenges, participants are eliminated from the competition. The main prize is a cash payout of $100,000 to the winner. Netflix has not yet renewed Pressure Cooker for Season 2; therefore, it is currently unknown whether or not viewers may anticipate a second helping.

Pressure Cooker Season 2

Expected Return Date for Season 2 of The Pressure Cooker

Accordiong to, The show might air again shortly if it is renewed. Netflix typically releases two seasons of its reality programmes each year.

Jester claimed in an interview with the Delaware News Journal that he travelled to Los Angeles shortly after learning of his casting in the spring of 2022 for the about 3.5 weeks of filming.

Pressure Cooker could conceivably return in the middle of 2023 if the brief filming period for a hypothetical second season is duplicated.

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The Pressure Cooker Season 2 Cast

If Netflix orders a second season of Pressure Cooker, we probably won’t find out who’s in it until right before the show returns. All of the first contestants (who are also serving as judges) have some sort of experience in the food industry, whether it be as entrepreneurs or chefs. Among them is Robbie Jester, who has appeared on and even won on Guy’s Grocery Games and Beat Bobby Flay, so it’s not surprising to find a few familiar faces. (In a 2016 episode, his scampi dish was better than the one prepared by the celebrity chef.)

Jester gave an interview to his local newspaper, in which he discussed the show’s audition procedure and his time on it. The Delaware cook “heard” about the event in 2020 and submitted an application the following year. The producers were hazy on details, saying only that it was a cooking competition with a “social component” where the finalists would all live together.

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Everything was kept under wraps. The two of us were completely isolated. The fact that we weren’t being evaluated by famous chefs came as a surprise to us. The obstacles I face are always changing,” Jester told the Delaware News Journal. They performed a fantastic job of isolating us and keeping our identities a mystery. Quite intense and perhaps dangerous. What I’m about to accomplish is the most challenging thing I’ve ever attempted.

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