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What Happened to Candy Montgomery’s Husband: Who is Pat Montgomery?

Although Friday the 13th is thought to be unlucky practically everywhere in the country, Betty Gore experienced much more in June 1980, as detailed in the crime drama series “Candy” on Hulu.

After all, it was the day Candace “Candy” Montgomery attacked the married mother-of-two 41 times with a 3-foot-long axe before abandoning her to bleed to death in the utility room of her own house.

But for now, if you’d just like to know more about Candy Montgomery’s husband, Pat Montgomery, who honestly supported the defendant during her open trial, we have the information for you.

What Happened to Candy Montgomery's Husband

Who is Pat Montgomery?

It’s understandable why brilliant electrical engineer Pat Montgomery desired to have then-secretary Candy Wheeler all to himself because she had a special allure that came from both her beauty and her sociability. They happily wed in the early 1970s despite their young ages since, according to reports, they were a love match through and through.

They later had two gorgeous children. Candy was a full-time homemaker by the time she and Pat moved to Collin County, Texas, to start building their suburban ideal life, which happened years later, in 1977. The fact that Pat was allegedly one of the top professionals in his area at the time suggests that he was fairly compensated for all of his labour, which allowed the Montgomerys to, to put it mildly, live comfortably.

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According to Texas Monthly, Pat made $70,000 year ($332,100 in 2022) “from his job on advanced military radar systems at Texas Instruments,” but it wasn’t enough to satisfy his “bored” wife. As a result, Candy sought out Allan Gore for a solely sexual relationship, which allegedly led to the horrifying 1980 death of his wife Betty.

Nevertheless, Pat persisted in standing by Candy despite everything that occurred. In fact, their church was right there by their side, which deeply moved Pat, especially considering that the information against Candy was routinely being leaked to the media while she awaited her jury trial.

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What Happened to Candy Montgomery’s Husband?

Candy’s husband was present every day when she appeared in court in 1980 to answer for the murder charge that had been brought against her. Even when she was being shown the axe during her testimony, Pat heard her cry from 30 yards away in the witness room.

In the end, the pair was “whisked out of the Collin County courthouse under heavy guard” after the case was declared not guilty because the district attorney had “received a letter threatening her (Candy’s) life.” The Montgomerys moved to Georgia together after the incident was resolved, suggesting that Pat didn’t mind that his wife had not only cheated on him but had also first lied to him about the entire situation.

What Happened to Candy Montgomery's Husband

They undoubtedly needed to start over in a new area because of the attention they had received in Texas, so they did just that. In an effort to lead a relatively normal life, Pat now prefers to keep his distance from the public spotlight and it appears that the pair has since split.

Some accounts even claim that he, who is in his 70s, now goes by the name James. Additionally, it’s been said that Candy now goes by the name Candace Wheeler, which is her maiden name.

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Final Words

She was allegedly attacked 41 times with an axe before he abandoned her to bleed to death in her own house. Pat stood by his wife through thick and thin during her open trial. Even when she was being shown the axe during her testimony, Pat heard her cry from 30 yards away. The couple moved to Georgia after the trial and it appears that the pair have since split.

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