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Is Gabe Brown Still Married: Does Gabe Brown Have Kids?

A member of the Alaskan Bush People family, who live in the bush on Discovery, is Gabe Brown. Fans are asking if he is still married to Raquell Rose as the new season gets under way.

They were married in 2019 before beginning a family. Viewers of Alaskan Bush People had their first glimpse of the infant when Gabe and Raquell brought their new daughter, Sophie, to North Star Ranch to see Gabe’s parents.

Since then, viewers have observed that Gabe’s wife and child are not frequently seen on the show. Because of the ensuing inquiries regarding his marriage, Reality Titbit did some research.

Is Gabe Brown Still Married

Is Gabe Brown Still Married?

Yes, Gabe and Raquell are still wed. Despite fears from fans that they had split up because of her absence from the series, they got married in 2019 during an Alaskan Bush People episode and are still together as of this writing.

The couple got together through Rain, the sister of Gabe. However, according to Raquell’s Instagram bio, she is “temporarily MIA” because she wants her privacy after the couple had a child that year. Raquell and their child are so out of the spotlight while Gabe is.

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In February 2022, Raquell posted a Valentine’s Day shot on Instagram.


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A post shared by Gabe Brown (@gabrielstarbuckbrown11)

Happy Valentine’s Day to my unkempt garden gnome, she wrote. The couple’s wedding rings are always visible.

Gabe and Discovery have been approached by Reality Titbit for comment.

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Where is Gabe Brown’s wife?

Raquell has stopped posting on Instagram; her sole post as of right now is a blacked-out photo from June. However, Gabe still occasionally shares pictures of the two of them and frequently waxes lyrical about his wife.

Gabe appeared to declare his affection for Raquell in the caption of an Instagram picture of a campfire in May 2020. He wrote, “Hold onto her like the dancing embers of the fire in [your] heart, when the days were young, and the nights were dark, feel the warmth from it’s radiant glow as it shines on your face, like she shines in your soul, give to the fire everything it needs, and it gives in return such wonderful things.”

Is Gabe Brown Still Married

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gabe Wearing Eye Makeup?

Since Billy Brown’s passing in February 2021, Gabe has begun to exhibit slightly more punk rock and emo behaviour. His followers have taken notice of his edgy new style as the father of two has begun to grow his dark, curly hair and rock eye makeup.

Does Gabe Brown Have Kids?

Sophie, Gabe and Raquell’s 2-year-old daughter is already theirs. The couple has always opted to keep their problems private and out of the prying eyes of admirers. They are very discreet about their personal lives. Since 2014, The Brown family has appeared on Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People.

Does the Brown Family Get Paid?

The Alaskan Bush People’s ostensibly laid-back Brown family is thought to make significantly more money than most people are aware of. In addition to receiving payment for each episode, the family also receives income from other sources.

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