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What Happened to the Mouse in Sing: What is the Moral of the Movie Sing?

The animated movie Sing was a huge smash when it debuted in 2016. Audiences connected with the delightful ensemble of characters, the catchy songs, and the upbeat message, especially at a point in time when things were beginning to look bleak.

Mike the Mouse (Seth MacFarlane), one of the many characters in the movie, quickly won over the audience’s affection. He was certainly conceited and avaricious, but that, together with his sass, style, and his (questionably) lofty aspirations, contributed to his appeal. The first Sing movie earned over $634 million, in part due to its soundtrack and star-studded cast, and the news of a sequel came as no real surprise.

Fans were understandably curious about what had become of the gambling mouse who had stolen the stage with “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. Mike isn’t in the trailer, which is odd before the movie. That’s okay though because in the movie, he’s actually not there.

What Happened to the Mouse in Sing

Who is Mike from ‘Sing?’

Mike, a hustler street musician mouse who only appears in Sing, is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Money, celebrity, and women were his three main priorities in life. He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he thought he was superior than everyone else; instead, he came across as haughty and hungry.

He was so confident in his ability to win the prize money and become wealthy that he purchased a showy automobile before the singing competition. But Mike did have the pipes and the talent as a musician. He mainly sang jazz songs, such as “My Way” by Frank Sinatra.

Mike was covered in white fur and frequently wore a red suit, a red fedora, a black tie, and black shoes.

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What Happened to Mike in Sing

Mike the mouse (voiced by Seth McFarlane) is an egotistical character that just wants to win the $100,000 prize promised on the flyers in the 2016 movie Sing. Mike is unaware that the fliers had an error because of Buster Moon‘s elderly employee, Miss Crawly, and that the reward is actually merely $1,000.

Mike gets himself a shiny new car and con a gang of Russian bear mobsters in a game of cards, thinking the winnings are as good as his. The bears are not amused by the trick and chase Mike down to Buster’s theatre where they are furious to discover that he lacks the funds to make good.

The bears come back and chase the mouse away in his new automobile after Mike treats the audience to a spectacular performance of “My Way,” and he is never seen or heard from again.

What Happened to the Mouse in Sing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Didn’t the Mouse Return in Sing 2?

Some claim that Mike the Mouse’s propensity for gambling is what caused him to vanish from Sing 2. He allegedly became too involved with the gambling Bears and lost everything—including his money, his house, and his cherished fedora. Others claim that he just wasn’t a good fit for the sequel’s plot.

How Did Miss Crawly Lose Her Eye?

Her glass eye, however, protruded and hit the keyboard twice, adding two extra zeros to the $1,000 prize that had been promised. Miss Crawly was preoccupied with attracting her attention and missed the misspelling on the printed flyers.

What is the Moral of the Movie Sing?

Children will learn from this movie that their parents will always love them and encourage them to pursue their aspirations. All of the candidates in Sing have bonded with one another, support one another in taking risks, and want the other to succeed.

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