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What Happened to Allysa Swilley: What Happened to The Story of April?

Know What Happened To Allysa Swilley if Allysa Swilley becomes more well-known than anyone by being a key player in the birth of April the giraffe and providing a live stream of the entire process to the 1.2 million viewers who tuned in to watch her delivery live online unusual incident in 2018.

She is who? What then transpired for Allysa Swilley? In addition to a brief look at her personal life, this article emphasises her significant contributions as an animal caregiver.

Who is Allysa Swilley and Also Know What Happened to Allysa Swilley?

The head zoologist at Animal Adventure Park is Allysa Swilley. Millions of people who were interested in the pregnant giraffe’s life were touched by her love and passion for animals. Worldwide giraffe craze had taken hold. Additionally, viewers had grown attached to the cast of characters that surrounded April’s life, including her father Oliver, her boss Jordan Patch, veterinarian Dr. Tim, and young Tajiri. However, Allysa is the one who has attracted the most attention.

Allysa Swilley, who was born on April 29, 1993, in Pennsylvania, earned a Bachelor of Science in zoology from SUNY Oswego in 2015. Few people today can remain healthy and alive without killing animals for food. However, Allysa Swilley has been saving the animals since she was a young girl. She had always wanted to work with animals and change the world.

She spent a few months as an intern after graduating in South Africa’s Kruger National Park before moving to Florida. She said it was one of her favourite experiences. She obtained employment as a zoologist with a nearby animal park in Harpursville after she left and returned to New York.

what happened to allysa swilley

Additionally, Allysa has a blog page where she has very vividly written about her encounters with various animals, her adventures, her lessons learned from her internships in South Africa, and what Allysa Swilley experienced there. Her excitement and happiness at working in nature were clear to see and understand.

But Allysa’s position as the head zoologist at Animal Adventure Park quickly led to a close bond with the park’s animals and the formation of her own “special” family. There, she has to deal with a variety of creatures, including Madagascar hissing cockroaches and giraffes.

A pivotal moment in Allysa’s career that altered people’s lives for the foreseeable future was when she met April the giraffe and Oliver, her mate. Before they learned that April was expecting and her small family was expanding, she took care of them for two years.

What Happened to Allysa Swilley Story of April

From the beginning of her pregnancy, Allysa was eager. After all her effort had paid off, she was more than eager to welcome a new member into the family. She claimed in an interview that it was difficult for her to explain because she was so happy and in tears at the same time. On April 17, 2017, April gave birth to a boy calf.

It was broadcast live online. Allysa Swilley experienced what happened because she couldn’t control her excitement. Allysa was frequently seen taking care of April and her infant Tajiri. People travelled from all over the world to Animal Adventure Park to see the famous giraffes and to congratulate Allysa on a job well done while she was present with April during Tajiri’s live birth.

what happened to allysa swilley

Because of her enduring affection for the mother-son giraffe pair, she is even referred to as the “giraffe girl.” The public was made more aware of her species by watching the entire live stream of the giraffe giving birth.

She got Tajiri’s name tattooed on her arm because she is so devoted to the baby giraffe. She feels that even though she has enough memories of all the animals to continue helping people, it won’t harm to have this constant reminder. But we all understand that she does it to show her love for the giraffe family and her devotion to all animal species.

When asked how she will feel when Tajiri leaves, Allysa responded simply that Tajiri will someday have to leave home, just like Allysa Swilley did when she was a student to start his own family, and she can visit him if she wants to, just as parents feel when their children leave home for studies or jobs.

What Happened to Allysa Swilley Shocking News About April?

Unfortunately, April the giraffe, who was close to 20 years old when she passed away, was Allysa’s true love. According to a Facebook post from the Animal Adventure Park, April’s arthritis had gotten worse, so the veterinarians decided to put her to sleep.

She would have suffered even more if it hadn’t been done, which was why it was necessary. It was as heartbreaking for Allysa as it was for the entire world, which had become quite attached to the giraffe family. We don’t really know what happened to Allysa Swilley after hearing the news, to be precise. We weren’t able to get much of her reaction because her Instagram account is private.

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What Happened to Allysa Swilley Allysa- in a Relationship?

According to sources, Allysa Swilley has a special person in her life in addition to the lovely animals that she cares for. We only know that she is dating a man by the name of Gomez.

Other than his last name, she hasn’t disclosed much about him. She frequently uploads photos of them together on Instagram, which gives the impression that they are deeply in love. Their first anniversary was even celebrated in 2020, so for the time being, her love life is going well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Allysa Swilley Married?

Is Allysa Swilley married? No, she is not married at the moment. Regardless, they celebrated their first anniversary in January 2020.

How Did April the Giraffe Die?

On April 2, 2021, sixteen days before her 21st birthday, Animal Adventure Park announced that April had been euthanized at the age of 20 because of worsening arthritis. Her body is to be cremated and her ashes returned to the park.

How Tall is April the Giraffe?

Last summer the park staff noticed the 15-foot-tall animal was acting differently and she was found to have osteoarthritis, the team said. April was shifting her weight from leg to leg and laying on the ground more often.


Allysa Swilley was born on April 29, 1993, in Pennsylvania. She earned a Bachelor of Science in zoology from SUNY Oswego in 2015. Her career as head zoologist at Animal Adventure Park quickly led to a close bond with animals. Allysa Swilley cared for April the giraffe and her calf Tajiri for two years.

On April 17, 2017, April gave birth to a boy calf, Tajiri. April the giraffe was euthanized at the age of 20 because of worsening arthritis. Her owner, Allysa Swilley, is said to be in a relationship with a man by the name of Gomez. April’s body is to be cremated and her ashes returned to the park.

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