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How Did Otis Die on Chicago Fire: Why Did He Die?

For the first seven seasons of the NBC series Chicago Fire, Yuri Sardarov portrayed firefighter Brian “Otis” Zvonecek, a favourite of the audience. But Otis passes away from wounds he sustained while putting out a fire at a mattress manufacturing in “Sacred Ground,” the opening episode of Season 8.

The 2012 television film Chicago Fire, which was created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, centres on the life of the fictional Firehouse 51’s firefighters. Otis, played by Sardarov, was one of the initial first responders on Chicago Fire and he frequently made viewers chuckle during each season.

Otis’s passing shocked the show and served as a stark reminder to viewers that, despite the fact that many of the main characters always survived cliffhangers, the hazards that firemen faced were lethal.

Did Otis Die in Chicago Fire?

how did otis die on chicago fire

Yes, Otis died in season eight’s premiere episode.

The Firehouse 51 crew was called to a mattress factory to put out a fire in the final episode of season seven. Fans were left wondering if the firefighters survived the episode’s ending boiler explosion.

The eighth season continued from where the previous one did. As he closed a steel door to save his coworkers, Yuriy Sardarov, who played Otis, was struck by a fire backdraft and became trapped in the fire. His fate was set by this.

He was rescued by his crew and transported to the hospital, but his injuries were too severe, and he tragically passed away with Joe Cruz by his side.

In Russian, he said his last heartbreaking words: “Brother, I will always be with you.”

how did otis die on chicago fire

Why Did Otis Die?

One of the show’s creators, Derek Haas, stated that he didn’t want to endanger a key character in order to save them. The audience needed to see that “these calls are dangerous, and sometimes people don’t make it,” he said.

We considered the possibility that Otis would die valiantly if we had killed him. We discovered there was a wide range of emotions we could discuss, he told TV Line.

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Why Otis is So Though?

Derek said that they chose Otis in the end because they wanted the death to be “a real surprise.” He told her, “You need it to be a core cast member.”

Yuriy Sardarov and Joe Minoso as Otis and Joe – Overview

“We believed that Yuri had an impact on both fans and everyone else in the house. We had never done anything like that before, I thought after seeing a memorial at a Los Angeles fire station. I started with the memorial and worked backwards as I considered the best way to remember him.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Did Otis Say Before He Died?

Otis died in the season eight premiere

In Russian, he said his last heartbreaking words: “Brother, I will always be with you.”

Why Did They Get Rid of Otis on Chicago Fire?

Even though Otis was a popular character, “Chicago Fire” showrunner Derek Haas said it was his choice to kill him off, which is always a good sign. According to the One Chicago Center, Haas said that Otis’s death was the last straw for other House 51 members who had come close to dying before.

What is Otis From Chicago Fire Doing Now?

Sardarov’s first official movie after leaving the show was “Amy and Peter Are Getting Divorced” in 2021, in which he plays Sam. He’s funny as Amy’s ex-boyfriend, who hates dogs and seems to miss her a lot.


For the first seven seasons of Chicago Fire, Yuri Sardarov played Brian “Otis” Zvonecek. He passed away in the opening episode of season eight, “Sacred Ground,” from wounds sustained while putting out a fire at a mattress factory. The fatality rocked the programme and served as a warning to viewers about the dangers the firefighters faced.

Otis passed away in the season eight debut of “Chicago Fire.” According to showrunner Derek Haas, the decision to kill him off was his. For other House 51 members who had previously been on the verge of passing away, Otis’s passing was the breaking point.

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