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Rakhi Sawant Demonstrated She’s the Most Entertaining ‘big Boss’ Contestant 5 Times, From Saying ‘oh Jesus’ to Smashing Her Nose!

This is the perfect phrase to use when attempting to characterize the exuberant nature of Rakhi Sawant’s personality. “Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!”

Today marks the passing of another year for the actor who appears in ‘Pardesia.’ Rakhi has never failed to be the center of attention, whether it be because of her involvement in a scandal or her performances on the reality show Bigg Boss.

On the reality show Bigg Boss, she has consistently been one of the most entertaining contestants to watch. Rakhi has come a long way from the first season, when she made her debut, to the fourteenth season, when she entered the competition as a challenger.

‘oh Jesus’ by Rakhi Sawant, a Famous Saying

Bigg Boss Season 1 was a huge letdown. But one of the highlights of the program was Rakhi Sawant. teaching dance in the BB house from over her coffee mug to her, “Oh Jesus.” Even though Rahul Roy won the first season, many people will remember it for Rakhi’s pranks.

Rakhi Sawant

Do you recall Julie from season 14 of Bigg Boss? Did you laugh out loud when you saw Rakhi Sawant play Julie? The heart of BB season 14 was Rakhi Sawant. When the show wasn’t doing well, the producers approached the queen of entertainment as a wild card. Rakhi changes into a ghostly Julie within the house, making the experience no less terrifying than viewing a scary movie.

Rakhi With Her Bottle 

Bigg Boss 14 provides most of Rakhi’s entertaining moments. One of the memorable exchanges between Rakhi and fellow participant Arshi Khan involves the latter tossing the birthday girl’s bottle into the water. Rakhi’s ranting style caused her dialogue, “Kya Ye Saandhni Thi,” to become viral and inspire memes. Yashraj Mukhate also turned her discourse into a hip song.

Rakhi Sawant (6)

Rakhi smashes her nose at that moment!

When Rakhi Sawant is involved, even the violent conflicts turn entertaining. Rakhi and Jasmin Bhasin got into a dispute over coffee in Bigg Boss 14.


The house dancer blamed Aly Goni, and Jasmin hinted that anyone who uses her coffee will have an accident or spit in the coffee container. Jasmin and Rakhi got into a fight over it, and Rakhi claimed she hurt her nose in the process.

Rakhi’s Crush on Abhinav Shukla

Rakhi Sawant’s crazy loving side. During Season 14, Rakhi was seen falling in love with television actor Rubina Dilaik‘s husband Abhinav Shukla. From getting a saree draped to putting messages in lipstick on her body for Abhinav.

Rakhi further stated that she had frozen her eggs and will request that Abhinav be the donor. The chemistry between the two was pretty entertaining, and the audience enjoyed it.

Rakhi Sawant (4)

Rakhi’s most entertaining moments are from Bigg Boss 14. One of Rakhi and co-contestant Arshi Khan’s dramatic scenes is when the latter throws the birthday girl’s bottle into the swimming pool. Rakhi’s ranting style caused her dialogue ‘Kya Ye Saandhni Thi’ to go viral and become meme material. Yashraj Mukhate also turned her line into a popular song.

Rakhi as Julie

Are you familiar with Julie from Bigg Boss 14? Did Rakhi Sawant’s performance as Julie make you laugh out loud? Rakhi Sawant was the soul of Big Brother 14 season 14.

Rakhi Sawant (4)

When the show was not receiving positive feedback, the producers approached the queen of entertainment as a wild card. Rakhi transforms into a ghost-ridden Julie at home, as if she were watching a horror film.

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