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When Did Christina Milian Have Her 3rd Baby?

A.K.a. Christina Milian. new member of Murder, Inc., at age 19. It’s About Time’s “Dip It Low” was Milian’s first major hit in the United States. Each of their singles was a success in the United Kingdom.

That album that Milian released in 2006, Amazin’, was fantastic. Milian left Island Records a month after the release of So Amazin’, according to her agent. In 2009, Milian became a part of Interscope. With “Us Against the World”, Milian released his fourth studio album.

Milian took the stage. After that, maintain your composure and pulse. Movies starring Milian include “Bring It On” and “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.” Together with Ashley Benson and Chad Michael Murray, Milian featured in “Christmas Cupid”.


Christina Milian Net Worth

Early Life

He was born in Jersey City, and Milian is of Afro-Cuban descent. The parents’ names are Flores and Milian.

Flores changed to her mother’s maiden name in hopes of landing more acting roles. She and her sisters, Danielle and Elizabeth, were born in California, but the family soon moved to Waldorf, Maryland. Milian’s passion for performing began at the age of four, and after her family discovered her talent in the field, she made the decision to follow it. Milian was a kid who absorbed media through his “very imaginative and artistic” mind.

As a result of their encouragement, she decided that she “didn’t want to be inside the TV,” successfully convincing her parents of her decision. At the tender age of nine, Milian had already performed in Annie, filmed commercials for Wendy’s and Honeycomb, and auditioned with local talent agencies. Milian’s mother moved the family to Los Angeles when her daughter was 13 because she recognized her aptitude. Her parents separated and her dad ended up staying in Maryland with the kids.

Aspiring to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, Milian moved to Los Angeles. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to break into the music industry. She was Tina, the Disney Channel hostess. After six months in L.A., Milian found a place to live with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. Jerkins started working with Milian after hearing her sing.

During her time in the studio with Jerkins, which lasted around a year and a half, Milian was introduced to many influential figures in the music business. She started writing music to try to land a record deal when she was just 17 years old. Milian claims that the producer has consistently withheld the demo or written lyrics with which she objected after she recorded a song. She was on her own to write music, make a demo, and distribute it.

Christina Milian Net Worth

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Milian made his professional recording debut on Ja Rule’s album “Rule 3:36.” the eleventh best-selling single of all time in the United States. The signing to Def Soul Records followed the success of the songs that the band co-wrote with Jennifer Lopez and PYT. When she was ready to record her 2001 debut album, her label dispatched her to Stockholm, Sweden. Because of the tragic events of September 11, the record was never released in the United States.

Kim Possible and other projects eventually saw her teaming up with Romeo and Hilary Duff. Bloodshy & Avant, Cory Rooney, and Warryn Campbell were responsible for producing her 2004 album “It’s About Time.” After reaching No. 2 in the UK, “Dip It Low” climbed to No. 5 in the US. Album was up for Best Contemporary R&B Album at the 2005 Grammy Awards. She came out with “So Amazin'” in 2006.


Milian’s motivation for moving to California as a teen was to pursue a career in acting. She was in “Sister, Sister”, “Smart Guy,” “Clueless,” and “Get Real”, as well as “The Wood”  and “American Pie”. Ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon co-starred with her in “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” in 2003.

Torque, Man of the House, Be Cool with John Travolta and Uma Thurman, Pulse with Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder, Snowglobe, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, Christmas Cupid, and “Bagg Milian appears in Def Jam Vendetta and “Need for Speed: Undercover”.

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Personal Life

In 2003, Milian began dating Nick Cannon after the two met on the filming of “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” Their relationship lasted for 2.5 years. She broke up with him when he cheated.

Since 2009, she’s been in a relationship with The Dream (birth name Terius Youngdell Nash). During the month of May, they became engaged, and in the month of June, they held a party to celebrate. They secretly tied the knot on September 4, 2009, in Sin City. They just went public with their pregnancy one week after their secret wedding. They welcomed a daughter in February 2010. Three months after their elopement, Milian and The Dream called it quits. The couple split up in October 2011.

She dated the son of Rap-A-lot Records’ CEO, James “Jas” Prince, Jr. This past June, Milian, and Prince called it quits. Lil Wayne and Brandon Wilds were two of her exes. In August 2017, she went on a date with M. Pokora. They welcomed a baby boy in 2020, Milián’s second child.

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Net Worth

The American singer-songwriter and actress Christina Milian has a net worth of $6 million According to celebrity net worth. She has been nominated for two Grammys and has had two top 10 hits in the UK and one in the US. Her career began when she was cast in ads. Then she hosted Disney Channel programming and starred in a performance of “Annie.” At the age of seventeen, she started working on her own demo. She signed with Def Jam when she was 19 years old and dropped her debut album in 2001.

It yielded two Top 40 hits in the United States and five in the United Kingdom. In 2003, she made a comeback to the acting scene with the film Love Don’t Cost a Thing. Her second album, 2004’s “Dip It Low,” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and number nine on the UK’s “Whatever You Want,” and she continued to enjoy success in both countries. Her third album, 2006’s “So Amazin’,” was only mildly successful.

She became a member of the Young Money Entertainment roster in 2012. Be Cool, Pulse, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and Bring It On: Fight to the Finish are just a few of the movies she was in while her music career remained in limbo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Christina Milian Speak Spanish?

Christina Milian told Latin Times in an interview published in October 2014 that she is fluent in Spanish and proud of her Cuban heritage. The question of how Violet Madison Nash stays connected to her heritage was also posed to her. That she can converse in Spanish is a plus.

What Does Christina Milian Tattoo Say?

The Cuban singer and actress proudly showed off her new tattoo on the inside of her left arm to E! News at the premiere of Tomorrowland. It says, “Love Hard… TnT,” where TnT stands for Tina and Tunechi, the couple’s nicknames.

When Did Christina Milian Have Her 3rd Baby?

On Saturday (April 24), the 39-year-old singer and actress took to Instagram to share the happy news that her son Kenna had been born. “Kenna, Greetings, and congratulations on your little boy’s arrival into the world! Since the day he was conceived, our lives have been nothing but a series of exciting adventures. Milian wrote a heartwarming caption alongside a picture of herself cuddling her newborn son.


It’s About Time’s “Dip It Low” was Milian’s first major hit in the United States. Milian left Island Records a month after the release of Amazin’. In 2009, Milian became a part of Interscope with “Us Against the World”. Milian started writing music to try to land a record deal when she was just 17 years old. Signed to Def Soul Records after co-writing with Jennifer Lopez and PYT.

Appeared in “Sister, Sister,” “Smart Guy,” “Clueless,” and “Get Real”. Christina Milian is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She has been nominated for two Grammys and has had two top 10 hits in the UK and one in the US. According to celebrity net worth, she has a net worth of $6 million. Her first album, “Dip It Low,” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and number nine on UK’s “Whatever You Want”. In 2003, she made her acting debut with the film Love Don’t Cost a Thing.

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