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True Detective Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Other Details We Have!

True Detective is making a comeback to HBO for Season 4 after spending many years on hiatus. The crime drama anthology series debuted in 2014 and has seen ups and downs throughout its tenure, with seasons that were both noteworthy (Season 1) and deplorable (Season 2).

Mahershala Ali played the lead in the most recent season, which aired in 2019. The future of True Detective is uncertain because Nic Pizzolatto, the show’s creator, no longer had a deal with HBO after that season. But then, in March 2022, HBO revealed that executive producer Barry Jenkins and writer-director Issa López were developing a new version of True Detective.

Presently, True Detective: Night Country, the fourth season, is being produced. There is no denying that True D will return. The information we currently have about True Detective: Night Country is listed below.

The Release Date for True Detective Season Four

True Detective Season 4

Although a release date has not yet been set, if production is just getting underway, we anticipate it will happen in late 2023 or early 2024. If it debuts in January 2024, which would be a full five years after Season 3, that would be entertaining.

The Storyline for True Detective Season 4

Season 4 is moving to the cold north after spending the first three seasons in warm places like Louisiana and Southern California. The story takes place in the northern Alaskan town of Ennis, which experiences a polar night. The eight men who run the Tsalal Arctic Research Station disappear without a trace as the cold winter night falls.


According to HBO’s official logline, the detectives on the case are Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) and Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis), who “must confront their pasts and the dark truths lying beneath the Arctic ice.” The broodingly masculine and ambiguously supernatural template Nic Pizzolatto established in Season 1 sounds like it will be updated in an intriguing way.

True Detective: Season 4’s Creators?

Issa López, a Mexican director best known for the movie Tigers Are Not Afraid, is the creator of the series as well as its executive producer, director, writer, and showrunner. Jodie Foster not only plays the lead role but also serves as executive producer.

True Detective Season 4 (2)

Barry Jenkins, the filmmaker of Moonlight, Adele Romanski, and Mark Ceryak all serve as executive producers through their production firm PASTEL. Chris Mundy, who oversees Ozark, and Alan Page Arriaga, a writer who has previously worked on a Fear the Walking Dead episode in Spanish, are additional EPs.

Despite not being active in Season 4, Nic Pizzolatto, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, and Cary Joji Fukunaga all have EP credits. According to Deadline, Princess Daazhraii Johnson and Cathy Tagnak Rexford, the show’s producers, are in charge of an Iupiaq advisory council that provides advice on Alaska Native culture.

True Detective Season 4 cast

As you might expect, the True Detective: Night Country cast is stacked. Two-time Oscar-winner Jodie Foster leads the cast, which also features familiar faces from HBO’s repertory players and Indigenous actors making their HBO debuts. Kali Reis, the second-billed star, is a former professional boxer who made her film debut in the 2021 thriller Catch the Fair One, for which she earned an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Female Lead.

True Detective Season 4 (2)

She’s also a motivational speaker and supporter of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls movement which teaches Indigenous women how to protect themselves both physically and vocally, according to HBO.

Here’s the cast, with character descriptions via Deadline.

Jodie Foster, Kali Reis, John Hawkes, Christopher Eccleston, Fiona Shaw, Finn Bennett, Anna Lambe, Aka Niviâna, Isabella Star Lablanc, Joel D. Montgrand.

Where to Watch True Detective?

HBO and HO Max will both have True Detective: Night Country available to stream. HBO Max is offering to stream True Detective seasons 1-3 right now.

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