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Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Not?

The HBO Max original is highly entertaining as it follows the lives of four rather odd roommates, each of whom has their fair share of issues that have a significant impact on them. We contend that the television show is not only entertaining but also instructive, particularly when it addresses the difficult issues that frequently arise when people are examining their relationships, sexuality, and identities.

Overall, we don’t want you to miss any upcoming episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls, so we’re going to let you know exactly when they’ll be released. The video is below.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Has Failed to Receive a Renewal!

You should take a seat for this (but avoid getting a spray tan in the process): Sex Lives of College Girls recently received a second-season renewal from HBO Max!

In fact, the table reads for season 2 have already begun! With the caption, “Back at Essex College with these baddies. @thesexlivesofcollegegirls season 2 table read time,” Mindy shared a few pictures of the event on her Instagram grid. Really, it can’t come soon enough, ugh!

Release Dates for Episodes of the Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2

On Thursday, November 17, HBO Max will premiere the second season of The Sex Lives of College Girls. The first two episodes of the season will be made available on this day by the streaming provider.

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Up until the season 2 finale on Thursday, December 15, two brand-new episodes will be released every Thursday following the debut.

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Release Date (1)

Given what we said above, the release timetable for season 2 should resemble something like this:

  • Nov. 17 – Episodes 1-2
  • Nov. 24 – Episodes 3-4
  • Dec. 1 – Episodes 5-6
  • Dec. 8 – Episodes 7-8
  • Dec. 15 – Episodes 9-10

According to Harper’s Bazaar, season 2  picked up where the first one left off, so we can expect to see the girls engage in even more college shenanigans in these episodes, which will likely make us laugh until we cry.

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Additionally, since Mitchell Slaggert has replaced Gavin Leatherwood (the actor who played Kimberly’s love interest in season 1), viewers can anticipate seeing at least one new relationship develop.

The Plot of Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2

Kimberly, Bela, Whitney, and Leighton’s suitemates are starting a new trimester, which requires them to deal with many problems and new experiences.

Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 Release Date (3)

More college hysteria, wild parties, tangled relationships, and of course the newest handsome guys on school return in the new season.

Cast and Authors

Kimberly Pauline Chalamet and Bela Amrit Kaur
Jackson is portrayed by Mitchell Slaggert, Chanelle Scott, Whitney, and Leighton Alyah by René Rapp.
Justin Noble and Mindy Kaling are the creators.

Is there a trailer available?

Yes, the season 2 official trailer for The Sex Lives of College Girls below gives you a glimpse of these thrilling events.

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