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What Does Ratio Mean on TIKTOK? TikTok First Appear Updates!

As a result of TikTok’s continued dominance as the go-to app for digital culture, we’ve been exposed to a slew of new idioms and catchphrases that originated there. As on other social media sites, the phrase “ratio” is commonly used on TikTok.

TikTok gives the word “ratio” a slightly different connotation than it does in everyday speech. This applies to all forms of Internet shorthand, including “accountant” and “FYP.”

Is it always terrible when you get ratioed on TikTok?

what does ratio mean on tiktok

Certainly not in every case. It doesn’t help that the word “ratio” has multiple meanings on TikTok. In response to a TikTok, a user may occasionally write “ratio me 1:1” in the comment section.

That is, they want their comment to receive the same number of likes as the TikTok they are commenting on. To maintain a 1:1 ratio, if a TikTok has 1,000 likes, the user’s comment must also have 1,000 likes.

These proportions can get a little more involved and drawn out at times. A user may wish for their comment and the reply to their comment to receive the same number of likes as their original TikTok if they write “Ratio me 1:1:1.”

When using TikTok, what does the term “ratio” refer to?

If your comment on TikTok has received more replies than likes, you have been “ratioed.” What this means is that there are more individuals who disagree with your statement than those who agree with it.

As a result, it’s safe to conclude that someone has had a pretty terrible view on something and has been “ratioed” when their comment has been flooded with answers but lacks much support in the form of likes.

A TikTok with more comments than likes is likewise considered to be ratioed, as is the case when a reply to your comment receives more likes than your original comment.

The word “ratioed” was coined on Twitter, another social media medium popular with millennials. You may receive more Quote Tweets from individuals disagreeing with and/or insulting you if you Tweet something that turns out to be unpopular. It’s reasonable to presume that you’ve been ratioed if this happens to you.

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what does ratio mean on tiktok

Is the term “ratio” commonplace on other networks?

The concept of a “ratio” has been around even before the rise of TikTok. The word first appeared on Twitter, another type of social networking.

It is possible that you will receive more quote tweets than retweets if you Tweet about an unpopular topic. Rationing is another term for this practice.

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what does ratio mean on tiktok

When did TikTok first appear?

Zhang Yiming is the mind behind the divisive app TikTok. Chinese online entrepreneur 36 years old, he’s responsible for popular web series. After Zhang left his previous business in 2012, he founded ByteDance, the company responsible for TikTok.

As of September 2016, TikTok was available in China under the name Douyin. In 2017, TikTok was promoted to young people all around the world and made available on mobile devices. After this, the app’s popularity skyrocketed, especially among young people; by July 2018, it had 500 million active users throughout the world.

Indonesia temporarily banned the app, and the Trump administration threatened to do the same. In India, the app has been banned outright (that is now lifted). Many people in the United Kingdom have found the app to be entertaining, especially during periods of lockdown.

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