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What Does “POV” Mean on TIKTOK? The Hashtag #POV Has 593.9 Billion Views!

You’re scrolling through TikTok and come across the fifth “POV” video in a row. Knowing the meaning of the acronym that comes before highly explicit instructions or cutaways is often helpful. In that case, how can we define the point of view?

If you’re familiar with cinema jargon or just know what the letters POV stand for, you already know what this phrase means. This term usually refers to a film shot in which the camera adopts the “point of view” of its subject. And you may have heard it used elsewhere online outside TikTok, as when someone tweets about their “POV” on the theatrical topic of the day.
Yet, even those who are already well-versed in POV may be completely baffled by the app’s use of the acronym. It appears that POV, like many phrases that go viral on the app (the hashtag #pov has 593.9 billion views), went through a game of telephone, being passed from user to user until the original meaning was completely lost in translation. Viewpoint (POV) is widely utilized and abused on TikTok, as demonstrated below.

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What Is the Definition of “POV” on TIKTOK?

Since TikTok is a video app, the “POV” filmmaking technique adapts well to its short videos. Simply take pictures from the vantage point you’ve described.

The tweet “POV: you get matched with the popular girl for a class assignment” by @pgally is a classic illustration of this phenomenon. The camera is pointed at the individual who has been paired up with the popular girl, and she acts the part of the condescending popular girl for the camera.

Or, here’s even another straightforward interpretation of “pov you’re a bully” from TikToker user @sissybaelol.

A fantastic point of view, of course. No one other than Bustle could have pulled off TikTok.

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what does pov mean on tiktok

Despite the widespread adoption of point-of-view videos, some viewers appear to have forgotten the term’s original meaning. This sentence is now commonly used as a generic preamble to any request that requires the user to perform a scene. People often show themselves acting out the prompt for the camera in a TikTok rather than shooting it from the “POV” they are describing.


If you were to walk in on your sister as she dumped her boyfriend, a traditional point-of-view video would focus on your sister, but this TikTok shows the reaction of the people who walked in on the scene.

The good news is that if you know that POV means “point of view,” it’s not too hard to figure out the intended meaning of a POV video, even if the term is used incorrectly. And now that you know this, you can look at things from a whole new perspective.

What’s the point of making a TikTok POV?

what does pov mean on tiktok

If you’re not famous, there are several ways to get more likes on TikTok. But the most important thing to keep in mind is to get people interested. Here’s where points of view come in.

Because these kinds of videos put you right in the scene, it’s hard not to feel interested. With a POV TikTok video, you can talk to your audience in a more personal way, which may make them much more likely to like and share your videos.

The more people interact with your content, the more likely it is that it will show up on other people’s FYP, which will give your videos even more attention. You should also know what FYP means on TikTok if you want to make videos for your specific audience.

Even if you only use TikTok for fun, POV is a great way to show how creative and unique you are. It gives you the freedom to make high-quality videos with a full plot and your own point of view.

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