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Shimoneta Season 2: Everything We Know So Far!

Japanese animation series Shimoneta was created and directed by Youhei Suzuki.

A high school boy who aspires to be the strongest man in the world stars in this comedy. Both his companion, who aspires to be the next strongest man in the world, and his competitor, who aspires to be the best of them all, present challenges to him.
A futuristic society without a sun is shown in the anime series Shimoneta. It was written and directed by Hideaki Anno, and it takes place in 2015.

The protagonist of the story is Shiro Takahashi, also known in this universe as “Shimoneta,” which is Japanese for “sun.”

Because he doesn’t want to deal with any issues or challenges in his life, he maintains a simple lifestyle and doesn’t have to bother about anything else.

Release Date for Season 2 of Shimoneta

In order for our audience to comprehend Shimoneta and the reasons behind our interest in it, we will introduce it to them in this section.

Shimoneta Season 2

We’ll give a succinct overview of the series’ history, introduce the main characters, and describe their interactions. Next, we’ll introduce

Shimoneta’s second season has been eagerly anticipated for some now. After the first season’s success, fans were eager for more Shimoneta action, but there has been no news regarding the anime series’ renewal for a second season. The possibility that the show won’t have a second season is the most regrettable part. As a result, the anime series has no set premiere date or hour.

Will Shimoneta Ever Get a Second Season?

An otaku high school student is the subject of the humorous anime series Shimoneta. She and her pals, who are also an otaku, are the main characters of the story.


A high school student with the capacity to alter her appearance and personality stars in the Shimoneta television series. Shimoneta accomplishes this with the aid of her friends, but over time, she finds herself in an increasing number of humiliating circumstances. She frequently encounters circumstances in which she lacks even basic bodily control. This series investigates what Shimoneta might experience if she were forced to live with her new personality permanently.

Shimoneta’s second season has not yet been confirmed. The possibility of the show returning is nonexistent.

Shimoneta’s Story 

Shimoneta is a comedic anime series that has become very well-liked very rapidly.

Shimoneta Season 2

Tanukichi Okuma, a terrorist’s son who has just started high school, is eager to become close to the president with the help of his friends and the student council. The main twist is that Blue Snow, a criminal who distributes sexually graphic content, is the vice president’s secret identity.

Shimoneta Voice Cast for Season 2

A series’ success or failure is greatly influenced by its voice actors. The show’s creators must exercise caution when selecting the right actors as a result. This has been carefully taken into account in the case of Shimoneta, with actors like Shizuka Ishigami playing Ayame Kajou, Miyu Matsuki playing Anna Nishikinomaya, Satomi Arai playing Otome Saotome, and many others.

Shimoneta Season 1 Review

Shimoneta’s first season has enjoyed tremendous success since it debuted. After the first season’s completion, governments once more impose restrictions on sexually graphic media. Another young freedom fighter and her reluctant accomplice are getting ready to start an erotic terrorist campaign in this new world.

Shimoneta Season 2 (2)

This results in the characters finding a mansion full of bloody and obscene riches, which they vow to return to society.


In the community, Shinometa is a very well-liked anime that attracts a sizable following of viewers. This anime has the potential to last for several seasons, but there has been no word on whether it will be renewed for a second season for unknown reasons.

It’s expected that this anime will make fewer appearances in the future. As soon as the studio releases any additional information about the series, we’ll let you know. Don’t forget to sign up for our website.
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