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How Much Did 69 Last Album Sell?

Daniel Hernandez, better known by his stage names “6IX9INE” and “TEKASHI 69,” is a rap artist hailing from New York City in the United States.

Hernandez is notorious for his contentious behavior as well as the brute-force yelling approach he utilizes in his music. In 2017, 6IX9INE published his first single, “Gummo,” which eventually reached number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. This was the beginning of his rise to fame.


Date of Birth: May 8, 1996 (26 years old)
Place of Birth: New York City, U.S.
Gender: Male
Profession: Rapper

Early Life

On May 8, 1996, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, Tekashi69 was born Daniel Hernandez. His Puerto Rican father and Mexican mom are his cultural roots. He didn’t get to know his dad until he was nine years old. He had assumed his father had passed away up to that time. In actuality, Daniel Sr. was a jailed heroin addict. His father would later say that the mother’s family had forbidden him to visit his son and even destroyed letters he had written to him from prison.

When Daniel was 14 years old, his stepfather was murdered on the front porch. This greatly exacerbated the family’s financial difficulties. Damage to Daniel’s body was so great that he needed to see a therapist for post-traumatic stress disorder and despair after his mother’s death. He also began misbehaving in class about this time, eventually leading to his expulsion in the eighth grade. Daniel dropped out of school to help support his family by taking a job in a grocery shop.

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It was in 2014 that 6IX9INE first released his first official rap songs. Over the course of the next three years, he put out a number of tunes and gained significant notoriety thanks to his brash rapping. Slovak record company FCK THEM put out a lot of his early work. He became well-known online after an Instagram image of his bizarre appearance in July 2017 went viral on Reddit and Twitter.

His first offering, 2017’s “Gummo,” landed at number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In 2017, 6IX9INE teased the release of his first mixtape, titled “Day69,” which eventually saw a release that same year. With 55,000 album-equivalent units (including 20,000 in actual album sales), the album opened at position four on the Billboard 200 album chart.

6ix9ine net worth

Following the album’s release, two tracks from it, “Billy” and “Rondo,” made their Billboard Hot 100 debuts, with “Billy” peaking at position fifty. His latest single, a remix of a prior feature he did for the artist Packman titled “Got it, Got it,” was released in April of 2018. After making its debut at number 99 on the Billboard Hot 100, the song was removed the next week. It was included as a bonus track on the album Day69.

6IX9INE debuted with a top-five single on the Billboard Hot 100 in July of 2018 with “Fefe,” which also featured Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz. The song skyrocketed to the top of the charts around the world, entering the Billboard Hot 100 at number four. In addition, he has recently worked with 50 Cent on the song “KINGS.”

After a year of alleged racketeering, weapon possession, and murder plotting, 2018 ended with 6IX9INE’s arrest. All of this was related to a larger probe of the Nine Trey Gangsters.

Early in 2019, 6IX9INE agreed to a plea arrangement that would have him “snitch” on his fellow defendants. His original sentence was for 47 years, but after a sentence reduction, he served only two.

6IX9INE has wasted no time getting back into the music industry after his release, quickly shattering YouTube records and climbing to the top of the Billboard charts with his single “TROLLZ,” which features Nicki Minaj.

6ix9ine net worth

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Key Facts

  • Before he had his own official account, he began his career by having a Slovakian record label upload his songs to sites like SoundCloud and YouTube.
  • His 2017 hit, “Gummo,” which peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard 100, was largely responsible for his meteoric rise to fame. As of this writing, the music video has been seen over 416 million times on YouTube and the track has been streamed over 275 million times on Spotify.
  • Since his career began to take off, he has collaborated with other well-known musicians.
  • In 2018, 6ix9ine was given a 37-year prison term for racketeering and other gang-related offenses he committed. But he made a deal with the government, leading to the conviction of two gang members in exchange for a two-year sentence reduction for himself.
  • Because of the widespread of the COVID-19 virus, he was granted early release from prison in April 2020, and he has since served the remaining four months of his sentence under house arrest.
  • 6ix9ine’s two daughters are not related to one other biologically.

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Net Worth

Tekashi69 is a social media personality from the United States who is also a convicted rap artist. At the time that this article was written, Tekashi69 had a net worth of half a million dollars According to celebritynetworth. In terms of his musical output as well as his personal life, Tekashi has established himself as one of the most controversial rappers in the world. In 2015, he entered a guilty plea to a felony charge of using a child in a sexual performance. The charge carried a potential life sentence. He was taken into custody in 2018 on charges of racketeering, possession of weapons and drugs, as well as conspiracy to commit murder. Tekashi agreed to testify against his former associates in the gang in exchange for having his sentence reduced by two years. Because of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, he was allowed to go home early but was placed under house arrest.

Takashi has been able to accumulate extraordinary wealth despite the fact that his professional career is still in its early stages. It is said that he has agreed to a number of appearance and contract deals that have the potential to pay him tens of millions of dollars in total. In the following paragraph, we will go into further detail regarding Tekashi’s financial situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Sales Did 69 Albums Sell?

Day69, his first mixtape, debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 with 55,000 A.E.U., of which 20,000 were album sales alone. He debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 with 66,000 units, 10,000 of which were album sales for his debut studio album Dummy Boy.

How Much Did 69 Last Album Sell?

Sixix9ine has sold over 1,738,672 albums worldwide. This includes over 1,500,000 in the United States and over 120,000 in the United Kingdom. There have been over 1,095,000 copies of 6IX9INE’s album DUMMY BOY sold.

How Much Platinum Does 6ix9ine Have?

6ix9ine, a rapper from the United States, has released two albums, one mixtape, 29 music videos, and thirteen singles under his own name. The RIAA has certified 9 of his singles as platinum, and 2 as gold.


Daniel Hernandez was born Daniel Hernandez on May 8, 1996, in Brooklyn, New York. His first single, “Gummo,” landed at number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. 6IX9INE was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for racketeering and other gang-related offenses. He was granted early release from prison because of the widespread of the COVID-19 virus. His latest single, “TROLLZ,” features Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz.

Takashi69 is a social media personality from the United States who is also a convicted rap artist. In 2015, he entered a guilty plea to a felony charge of using a child in a sexual performance. 6ix9ine has sold over 1,738,672 albums worldwide.

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