Michael Boulos Net Worth: How Did He Make His Money?


It is possible, at the very least in part, to attribute a significant portion of the focus that has been directed toward him to Tiffany Trump, who is the daughter of President Donald Trump. He maintains a close relationship with Tiffany Trump, and she is the daughter of President Donald Trump.

Michael has been employed at the Canadian investment company Callian Capital Group for some time, and he is currently working his way up to the position of associate director at the company. This particular company calls the great nation of Canada home for its administrative offices.

Early Life

Michael Boulos’ parents, Dr. Massad Boulos (who manages the family business) and Sarah Boulos (who established the Nigeria Society for the Performing Arts), welcomed him into the world on August 27, 1997, in Kfarakka, Lebanon. Michael emigrated to Nigeria at age ten.

After finishing high school at the prestigious American International School of Lagos, Michael decided to further his education at Regent’s University London. He earned his bachelor’s degree in 2018.
He earned his master’s degree in project management, finance, and risk management from City University of London in 2019.

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michael boulos net worth


Michael runs Boulos Enterprises and is also the CEO of SCOA Nigeria. Michael has been the associate director of SOCA Nigeria since 2016. SOCA Nigeria is a conglomerate “active in furniture production and interior design, automobile assembly and distribution, power generation, retail, and trade.”

He was only 19 at the time, and his dad is still running the company. Now in 2019, he serves as both director of Fadoul Group and business development manager for Royalton Investment.

michael boulos net worth

Personal Life

After Tiffany Trump broke up with longtime boyfriend Ross Mechanic in the summer of 2018, she and Michael began dating. Tiffany is the youngest child of former President Donald Trump.

Rumor has it that the pair met and hit it off while partying in Mykonos, Greece, over the summer (Tiffany at Lindsay Lohan’s club). While the two kept their relationship under wraps at first, Tiffany eventually invited Trump to spend Thanksgiving with her and her family at Mar-a-Lago.

He was there for the start of the Trump 2020 campaign and supported his girlfriend all the way through her RNC speech. In January of 2021, Tiffany showed off the $2.1 million engagement ring Michael had given her, and the couple wed the following year at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. He is currently splitting his time between Tiffany & Co. in New York and London.

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michael boulos net worth

Net Worth

The American businessman According to celebritynetworth Michael Boulos has a net worth of $20 million. The fact that he is seeing Tiffany Trump has made him famous.

Michael Boulos entered the world on August 2nd, 1997, in Houston, Texas. His educational background includes both London’s Regent’s University and the City, University of London. Since 2018, Boulos has been dating Tiffany Trump. President Trump’s daughter. Callian Capital Group, based out of Canada, employs Michael Boulos in the role of associate director.

Since Michael’s father, Massad Boulos, is a billionaire, Michael is also the rightful heir to the family businesses, SCOA Nigeria and Boulos Enterprises. He also runs Boulos Enterprises and is the CEO of SCOA Nigeria. Reports from 2020 indicate that Michael Boulos was a part of a $532 million transaction involving the Greek luxury jewelry label Folli Follie. Marla Maples gave birth to Donald Trump’s fourth child, Tiffany, who is also the daughter of the president.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Michael Boulos Do for a Living?

A person who has ownership or shareholdings over a private sector and engages in activities with the purpose of generating cash flow, sales, and revenue by utilizing…Wikipedia defines a businessman or businesswoman as an individual who owns or has ownership over the private sector.

How Did Michael Boulos Make His Money?

Boulos, now 25 years old, was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, but he was born in Houston, Texas, to a wealthy Lebanese family that had its base of operations in Lagos. Boulos Enterprises, which assembles and distributes outboard motors and motorcycle engines, is one of the family businesses. Other family businesses include companies that manufacture furniture and toilet paper.

Is Michael Boulos Greek?

Boulos, who is 25 years old, has Lebanese ancestry. He was raised in Nigeria after having been born in Lebanon, and he attended university in London after having moved on from there.


Michael Boulos was born on August 27, 1997, in Kfarakka, Lebanon. He is the CEO of SCOA Nigeria and director of Fadoul Group. He has a close relationship with Tiffany Trump, who is the daughter of President Donald Trump. Michael Boulos was born on August 2nd, 1997, in Houston, Texas. He is the son of Massad Boulos, who is also the heir to the Boulos fortune. Since 2018, he has been dating Tiffany Trump, daughter of President Trump and Marla Maples.

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