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Sean Parker Net Worth: Is Sean Parker Still Part of Facebook?

American entrepreneur and philanthropist Sean Parker (born December 3, 1979) is best known as a co-creator of the Napster file-sharing service and as Facebook’s first president. In addition to Plaxo and Brigade, an online platform for civic engagement, he co-founded Causes and

The Parker Foundation, which he created and leads, supports initiatives in the areas of life sciences, global public health, and citizen participation. He came in at number 1,096 on Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires for the year 2022.


Date of Birth: Dec 3, 1979 (42 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Profession: Businessperson, Entrepreneur, Investor
Nationality: United States of America

sean parker net worth

Early Life

Herndon, Virginia is the place of Sean Parker’s birth on December 3rd, 1979. His father, Bruce Parker, is the Chief Scientist at NOAA and a renowned oceanographer for the United States government. Before starting a family, his dad encouraged him to pursue his passions.

In third grade, he learned to code on an Atari 800 from his dad. The worlds of hacking and computer programming held a special fascination for Parker. He broke into a Fortune 500 company one day. His father had taken the keyboard away, so he couldn’t log out and the FBI was able to trace his ISP and find his location. Because of his age, however, the authorities took no action. He was found guilty and given a community service sentence.

Parker’s web crawler earned him first place at a high school computer science fair, leading to his recruitment by the CIA after graduation. With an annual income of about $80,000 by the time he was a high school senior, Parker was able to convince his parents to let him forego college. As a result of pursuing his interest in business, which he had long held in high regard.

Interesting Facts About Sean Parker

  • A significant portion of Sean Parker’s wealth was accumulated as a direct result of his brief presidency of Facebook, which he held at the age of 24.
  • Parker is currently employed in the fields of philanthropy and venture capital.
  •  Parker’s enthusiasm for music led him to make an investment in Spotify in the year 2010. In June of 2017, he tendered his resignation from his position on the board of directors.
  •  In 2015, he established his Parker Foundation, allocating a total of $600 million for charitable causes related to research, global health, and civic engagement.
  •  In April 2016, his organization made the announcement that they would be giving the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy a grant of $250 million.
  •  Dr. Sean N. Parker opened the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University in 2014. Both asthma and food allergies are among Parker’s health issues.


Parker was 15, but when he met Shawn Fanning, he was only 14. Since they shared a love of hacking, they grew close. Napster was founded in 1999. In a little over a year, Napster gained tens of millions of users.
There was no Apple Music, no Spotify or Pandora, not even a CD player. Before recently, terrestrial radio stations had no websites at all.
The RIAA and numerous bands, perhaps most notably Metallica, filed suit against Napster, which led to the site’s eventual shutdown. Napster paved the way for today’s streaming music services like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and others.


Later that year, in the second half of 2002, Parker released Plaxo. Plaxo was one of the first social networks, and it was the first to integrate its online address book with Microsoft Outlook. You can thank Plaxo for the rise of Zynga, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In 2004, Parker was dismissed from his position as CEO by the company’s stockholders.

sean parker net worth

Plaxoresigned From the Facebook

In 2004, Parker was introduced to “Facebook” by his roommate’s girlfriend, who was a student at Stanford. As the company’s first president, he convened a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin in the fifth month of its existence.
His introduction of Peter Thiel as Facebook’s first investor was a pivotal moment. Upon the discovery of cocaine in his rental property in 2005, Parker resigned as Facebook’s president.

After joining Founders Fund in 2006, Parker was promoted to the position of managing partner. Peter Thiel established the venture capital firm Founders Fund in the San Francisco area. The company is especially keen on funding new businesses.

Parker is given unrestricted authority over how the fund’s $500 million is spent. When Parker was in high school, he discovered Spotify, a web-based music streaming service. A simple email to the startup’s founder, Daniel Ek, set the ball rolling.

Real Estate

In 2011, Parker paid $20 million for a Manhattan townhouse that was previously used as a party animal and was therefore known as the “Bacchus House.” Before he bought the townhouse, he rented it out for $45,000 a month when he was considering buying it. During the subsequent number of years, Parker paid a total of $20.5 million and $16.5 million for the acquisition of two adjacent townhouses.

Net Worth

Sean Parker, an American businessman, and entrepreneur is very involved in the field of internet technology. He is one of the people responsible for starting the company Napster. At this point in time, his total wealth is estimated to be $3 billion which is identified from many sources present on the internet.

It is common knowledge that Sean Parker was one of the original founders of the file-sharing website Napster. Parker is well-known not only for his position as the first president of Facebook but also for the part he played in the co-founding of Napster.

sean parker net worth

Personal Life

In 2011, Parker made a marriage proposal to the singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas, and the couple wed the following year. Their names are Winter Victoria Parker and Zephyr Emerson Parker, and they have a daughter and a son respectively.


Only in his teenage years, Sean Parker achieved a great deal of success. Well, Napster and Facebook were his biggest achievement. However, he also has other accomplishments under his belt, none of which are insignificant. In conclusion, some of Sean Parker’s accomplishments are discussed in the following sections of this article titled “Sean Parker Net Worth – Story of Sean Parker.”

  •  When Parker was only 18 years old, he launched Plaxo, a social networking website that was integrated with Microsoft Outlook.
  •  The character of Parker appeared in the film “The Social Network,” which was released in 2010, and featured Facebook. Justin Timberlake gave a convincing performance as the character.
  •  Parker served as a managing partner at the venture capital firm known as Founders Fund, which was established by Peter Thiel.
  •  He was one of the company’s earliest investors. Up until 2017, he was a member of the company’s board of directors. Additionally, he disclosed the formation of a partnership between Spotify and Facebook.
  •  In 2012, Parker and Shawn Fanning collaborated to launch a video chat service under the name Airtime. The service did not get off to an ideal beginning; however, in 2016, it was relaunched as an app for both iOS and Android devices.
  •  In February of 2015, Parker was given the fifth spot on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s list of the top 50 philanthropists in 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Companies Has Sean Parker Founded?

Plaxo, an online address book; Causes, an online campaigning platform;, a group video chat application; and Brigade Media, a civic technology platform; were the other companies that Sean Parker co-founded in addition to Facebook.

Is Sean Parker Still Part of Facebook?

After his brief presidency at Facebook, he went back to his roots in the music business by becoming an early investor in Spotify and later joining the company’s board of directors, where he remained until 2017. In 2015, Parker began experimenting with a political social network, and he has since devoted much of his time and energy to this field.

Where is Sean Parker Now?

Parker is now an investor in start-up companies and a generous donor. Parker’s love of music motivated him to make a 2010 investment in Spotify. He resigned from the board in June 2017.


He is best known as a co-creator of the Napster file-sharing service. He came in at number 1,096 on Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires for the year 2022. He was dismissed from his position as Facebook’s CEO in 2004. He is currently employed in the fields of philanthropy and venture capital. His health issues include asthma and food allergies.

Sean Parker is the founder and first president of Facebook. He was also one of the original founders of Napster, a file-sharing website. In 2011, he married singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas and they have two children. His net worth is estimated to be $3 billion. Sean Parker co-founded Plaxo, a social networking website that was integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

After leaving Facebook, he became an early investor in Spotify and later joined the board of directors at the music service. He is now an investor in start-up companies and philanthropists.

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