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Hostel Daze Season 3 Release Date: What Will Be the Release Date?

After two very hilarious seasons, the famous Hostel Daze series on Amazon Prime Video is returning for a third season. The cast, plot, release date, time, OTT platform, where to watch, and other information for Hostel Daze Season 3 can be found here.

The Hostel Daze focuses on the third-year engineering students who reside in the hostel and takes viewers on an interesting and fascinating adventure. The program has developed a cult following and will shortly return for another season.

Release and Premiere Dates for Season 3 of Hostel Daze

The show’s debut date is November 16, 2022. (Wednesday). The exact time of the debut has not yet been made public. One might anticipate the show to debut at approximately 9 AM or midnight because the target demographic would be headquartered in India.

Where to Watch Hostel Daze Season 3

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Similar to the prior two seasons, the third season of Hostel Daze will debut on Amazon Prime Video. Teenagers have developed a sizable fan base for the program, and it is certain to enjoy further popularity.

The Cast of Hostel Daze Season 3

The full list of season 3’s cast members is yet unknown. But we also anticipate that the majority of the series regulars will be back for a third season. Following is a list of potential Hostel Daze Season 3 cast members. Look at this.


Nikhil Vijay plays Jatin “Jhantoo,” Shubham Gaur plays Rupesh “Jaat” Bhati, who was granted admission to the university thanks to a sizable donation from his father, and Adarsh Gourav plays Ankit Pandey, Akanksha boyfriend, and the college’s “DOPA.” Luv plays Chirag Bansal, a shy and overly eager youngster who values cleanliness over his roommates.

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Ahsaas Channa plays Ankit’s girlfriend Akanksha, and Harsha Chemudu plays Ravi Teja.
Shivankit Singh Parihar as Ph.D. student 4, Ayushi Gupta as Nabomita Bharadwaj, Sahil Verma as Rakhi, Jhantoo’s sidekick Ranjan Raj as Lolly, and Sameer Saxena as Hostel Manager

Hostel Daze: the Plot of Season 3

The storyline for the next third season has not been revealed as of yet. However, according to the reports, the official synopsis of the third season reads as follows: “After experiencing the exhilarating freedom of the initial years and having had their fair share of fun in the past two years; Ankit, Akanksha, Jaat, Jhantoo, Nabomita, and Chirag take on the third year, a roller coaster ride of newer awakenings and unique experiences.”

Hostel Daze Season 3 Trailer

Hostel Daze Season 3 Final Thoughts

The show is a lot of fun to watch, and it has its own unique brand of humor, which helps to make it a very entertaining series to watch all at once. In addition to this, it will, on occasion, cause you to burst out laughing, and it will definitely leave you wanting more. Just take my word for it, but the new season of Hostel Daze is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

You are able to watch the series on demand through Amazon Prime Video. In the space below designated for comments, please share your reactions and reactions to them.

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