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Dolores Hughes Death: a star of the reality series “Hollywood Hillbillies,” passes away at age 76.

Dolores Hughes, who was most remembered for her role in the television series Hollywood Hillbillies, passed away on November 9 at the age of 76. The very next day, her family posted the heartbreaking news on social media with the following message:

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Dolores Hughes Death

“It is with a profound sense of loss that we must inform you of the demise of Delores “Mema” Hughes, a woman who was gorgeous, amazing, and compassionate. In many respects, she was an innovator who paved the way for others. She was never able to fathom the reasons behind the adoration and desire of others to be in her presence.

“She wasn’t very familiar with the Hollywood scene!” The next part of the statement went as follows: “she was a pure comedic genius without even trying.” Her laughs and stories will live on in perpetuity, and her memory will be preserved alongside them. She would share them with anyone who was ready to listen.

Dolores Hughes Death

Her manager broke the news to TMZ in the midst of their talk about her, saying that Hughes had passed away on Wednesday from heart failure at a medical facility located in Grayson, Georgia. However, it is still unknown how long Hughes was confined to the confines of the hospital or when the illness was first identified.

Dolores Hughes gained notoriety after making an appearance on the hugely successful reality show Hollywood Hillbillies, which is broadcast on Reelz. From January 2014 all the way through July 2015, the show had three successful seasons, all of which were critically acclaimed.

She made an appearance on the show alongside her grandson Michael Kittrell, who is now one of the most famous personalities on YouTube. While the camera accompanied Dolores Hughes and her entire family from Georgia to Los Angeles, the entertaining show was co-hosted by David Weintraub and Ray J. The show also featured Ray J. as a guest host.

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Hughes, according to David, was a person who used to speak her mind and let things go rather than harboring any resentments in her heart.

David told TMZ that Mema Hughes was the greatest and most outspoken person the world had ever seen on television. “I know she will still be in charge of us while we are sitting in heaven.”

According to reports, Hughes wrote a memoir titled “Mema Says: From Country Porch to Hollywood Hillbillies” after appearing on the popular Hollywood Hillbillies for five years.

Dolores Hughes Death

Hughes recalled how much fun she had back then during the conversation with TV Shows Ace in the year 2020. She also alluded to a potential television comeback. She stated:

“You can never predict what will happen. We were all shocked when Hollywood came to my door first. But as she went on to say, “you cannot predict where you will see me and my family (in the future); if it comes, it comes, but if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. I’m alright either way.

Dolores Hughes’ estimated net worth in 2022 is $1 million, the majority of which came from her work as an actress and businesswoman. It is disappointing that she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page because we are currently unable to compile enough information about the adored Hughes. Many people have instead been looking up her official Instagram page, @hillbillymema. We are aware that she has more fans than the nearly 2,000 followers she currently has. Fans have expressed their concern for their “Mema” in a number of comments, with one asking, “Don’t you ever answer your DM’s? You worry me a lot. Are you alright?

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She introduced one of her books, “Mema Says,” and let her followers know they could buy them on in the last post she made on June 3, 2021. Since they reportedly couldn’t find the book on Amazon, many people have inquired about the book’s availability.

I want to read your book but I can’t seem to find it. Where can I locate it? It isn’t offered on Amazon! In addition to missing your show, I adore you and your entire family. Because I adore it so much, I have almost all of the episodes on tape. You and Michael are two of my favorites, you know. I want to know how each of you is doing. Please let me know as soon as possible where I can purchase the book.

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