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After a String of Unsettling Uploads, Madonna Publishes Another Spooky Video!

“Hung Up” on posting disturbing videos, Madonna.

The singer of “Like a Virgin” shared yet another ominous clip on Instagram Stories on Friday. This time, she is seen staring blankly into the camera while her 1992 song “Waiting” is playing inside a dark car.

The 64-year-old singer focused on her full lips while giving close-ups of her natural makeup. She also wore silver jewelry, a blue coat, and braids.

The Queen of Pop has recently posted a number of bizarre videos to her social media accounts, and this one is the most recent.

Just the day before, Madonna posted another video in which she posed sensually with various objects while licking water out of a dog bowl.

Fans were shocked to see the pop icon act in such a crude and unusual way, and many left disgruntled comments on her post.


What’s wrong with you, one fan wrote.

“Embarrassing is an understatement when describing this… ugh…” Another person said.

“WTF, lady? How did you treat yourself? You do understand how ridiculous it looks for a 64-year-old woman to be drinking from a dog’s bowl, right? Do you even read the comments you make? God, I hope so,” a different person said.

Boy, she’s lost it, but who’s going to tell her that? It’s so sad to see a legend fade away,” a different supporter exclaimed.

The singer of “Like A Prayer” has recently behaved in a way on social media that has many people worried about her well-being.

Again, 50 Cent Attacks “Grandmother” Madonna: “Like a Virgin at 64.”

50 Cent, 47, captioned the screenshot on Saturday, “I told y’all grandma was on bulls–t! like a virgin at 64 LOL.”

The 64-year-old pop icon has yet to respond to the diss directed at her iconic song “Like a Virgin.”

In the comments, Cent’s 28.5 million followers appeared to support the “In da Club” artist.

“She appears possessed,” a fan wrote.


What happened to her face ruined her entire legacy, said a second individual.

The “21 Questions” singer was referring to one of Madonna’s most recent TikTok videos, which her fans have also described as “dark and unsettling.”
Someone else stated bluntly, “Yeah, she’s got something wrong.”


In June, 50 Cent also attacked Madonna by comparing one of her provocative photos to aliens.

“Here is 50 Cent pretending to be my friend,” she captioned a selfie of them from her Instagram Story. “You have now decided to speak negatively about me. I suppose your new career consists of attempting to humiliate others on social media to gain attention. The least elevated decision an artist and an adult could make.”

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