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Jamie Salter’s Net Worth: What is His Worth?

Jamie Salter is a prosperous Canadian businessman who presently has a net worth of one billion dollars. Salter hails from the province of Ontario. When he was born, was either in the year 1962 or 1963. Authentic Brands Group, an American company that specializes in the creation of brands as well as the licensing of those brands, has its headquarters in New York City, and its operations span the entirety of the United States.

He is the company’s founder, chairman, and chief executive officer. His previous position was that of a chief executive officer at Hilco Consumer Capital, which he held prior to beginning his employment with Authentic Brands Group. ABG is an abbreviation for “Authentic Brands Group,” which is the full name of the company.

Jamie Salter Bio:-

Date of Birth: 1962 or 1963
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession: business mam
Nationality: United States of America

Early Life Jamie Salter

Salter spent the majority of his childhood in the thriving urban heart of Toronto, where the city’s population is concentrated. Most of the formative years of his life were spent here in this location. After completing his secondary education in the state of California, Salter continued his education at Long Beach State University, where he got a degree in business administration after finishing his studies there.

Salter’s educational journey began and ended in the state of California. Salter was able to finish his undergraduate degree at San Diego State University, which is the university he attended after transferring from another school. He started there as a transfer student. After that, he uprooted his life and moved to the capital city of Canada so that he could begin his studies at the esteemed Carleton University, which is located in the city of Ottawa, which serves as Canada’s capital city. Carleton University is located in the city of Ottawa, which serves as Canada’s capital city. Salter was born and reared in the state of California, where he also completed his secondary education and obtained his high school diploma.

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Career Jamie Salter

Hector started acting in college. First role: “New York Undercover,” 1997. Hector appeared in “He Got Game” the next year. He appeared in “Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai,” “The Day the Ponies Come Back,” and “Prison Song.” Hector appeared on “The Beat,” “Law & Order,” and “Third Watch.”

The Wire’s breakthrough

In 2004, Hector joined season three of HBO’s “The Wire.” He played Marlo Stanfield, a vicious drug kingpin in Baltimore. Initially a recurrent character, Hector joined the main cast in seasons four and five.

More TV

After “The Wire” ended in 2008, Hector played Benjamin Washington on “Heroes” “Jericho,” “The Game,” and “Cold Case” also featured him. 2010 saw Hector on “Mercy” and “Lie to Me.” He then appeared on “CSI: Miami,” “Common Law,” “Are We There Yet?” and “TRON: Uprising.”

Hector started various TV roles in 2014. He played Lincoln Cordell in season 4 of “Person of Interest” Hector started as Drifty on Starz’s “Power” and Alonso Creem on FX’s “The Strain.” In 2014, he played Detective Jerome Edgar, Bosch’s sidekick, in “Bosch.” Hector stayed in the job through 2021. He had recurrent parts on “Quarry,” “Queen of the South,” and “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” Hector portrayed Baltimore homicide investigator Sean Suiter in the 2022 HBO miniseries “We Own This City.”

The Net Worth Jamie Salter


Hector appears in “Paid in Full,” “The Fast Life,” “Everyday People,” “Brooklyn Bound,” and “Joy Road” End of the decade: “Blackout” and “Max Payne” as Haitian crime boss Lincoln DeNeuf. In 2010, Hector played a Philadelphia gangster named DoRight Miller in “Night Catches Us” “The Gift,” “A Feeling from Within,” and “Life, Love, Soul” followed.

Hector next appeared as a detective in the 2013 remake “Blood Ties.” Clive Owen, Marion Cotillard, Billy Crudup, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Matthias Schoenaerts, and James Caan co-starred with him. Hector later appears in “A Year and Change.” Next, he played Mutulu Shakur, Tupac’s stepfather, in “All Eyez on Me” “Doubting Thomas,” “16 Bars,” and “Canal Street” also starred Hector.


Hector has also voiced video games. In 2005, he voiced a pedestrian in “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories” In 2010, Hector voiced Emile-A239 in Halo: Reach. “Gears 5” is his latest third-person shooter. In “Dishonored 2,” Hector voiced Vice Overseer Liam Byrne.

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The Net Worth of Jamie Salter

According to  Hector has a US$1.1 billion net worth. Hector is renowned for his roles in “The Wire” and “Bosch.” He appeared in “Heroes,” “Person of Interest,” “Power,” “The Strain,” and “We Own This City.” Hector’s flicks include “Night Catches Us” and “All Eyez on Me.”

Hector debuted in “He Got Game” Early TV appearances include “The Beat,” “Law & Order,” “Third Watch,” and “Law & Order: S.V.U.” He played cocaine kingpin Marlo Stanfield on “The Wire” in 2004 alongside Dominic West, John Doman, Idris Elba, Frankie Faison, and Larry Gilliard, Jr. Since 2008, Hector has starred in “Jericho,” “The Game,” “Heroes,” “Cold Case,” “Lie to Me,” “CSI: Miami,” “Common Law,” “TRON: Uprising,” “Quarry,” “Mercy,” “Bosch,” “Power,” and “The Strain.”

Hector is credited in over two-dozen short films and movies, including “Ghost Dog,” “The Day the Ponies Come Back,” “Prison Song,” “Paid in Full,” “Five Deep Breaths,” “Everyday People,” “Brooklyn Bound,” “Blackout,” “Max Payne,” “Just Another Day,” “Night Catches Us,” “A Feeling From Within,” “The Promise Keeper,” “Real New York City Muggins,” and “A Year

Hector is interested in community outreach and mentors youngsters with Moving Mountains. He raised money for the Haiti earthquake.

jamie salter net worth

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The Personal Life of Jamie Salter

Salter is the proud parent of four sons, all of whom may be found working for ABG at the present time. Salter is considered to be the family’s patriarch. The man’s son, Corey Salter, today holds the position of chief operating officer for the business that his father founded. The individual in question serves in the role of president of the company.

In addition to the home in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City that serves as his primary residence and is where he spends the majority of his time, he also owns a second property in the Muskoka region of Ontario, which is where he spends his time when he is on vacation. The home in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City serves as his primary residence and is where he spends the majority of his time.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Jamie Salter Worth?

Within six years, he grew it into a $1.5 billion company and earned a reputation as a brand expert. In November 2021, after a funding round valued the company at $9.5 billion, Salter’s net worth is estimated at US$1.1 billion.

Who is the Owner of ABG?

Previously to his role at ABG, Salter served as the Chief Executive Officer of Hilco Consumer Capital Corp. (“HCC”) and the President of GSI Commerce. Salter has invested about $13 billion in various brands, including both growing businesses and distressed enterprises.

How Much is Authentic Brand Group Worth?

In December’s finalized deal, Authentic was valued at $12.7 billion. Authentic Brands, founded in 2010 by current CEO Jamie Salter, is a brand development, marketing, and entertainment company known for its penchant for rescuing once-great but now-struggling brands like Barneys New York, Nine West, and Brooks Brothers.


Jamie Salter is from the 1960s. Authentic Brands Group is his company. “Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai” and “The Day the Ponies Come Back” starred him. “The Wire” starred Hector as Marlo Stanfield. “Heroes,” “Jericho,” “The Game,” and “Cold Case” also starred him.

Hector played Baltimore homicide detective Sean Suiter in “We Own This City” 2004’s “The Wire” starred Hector Salter as Marlo Stanfield. He’s also appeared in “Jericho”, “The Game”, “Heroes”, “Cold Case”, “Lie to Me”, “CSI: Miami”, “Common Law”, and “TRON: Uprising”.

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