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The Top New Romantic Comedy Films Sparking Love in 2022!

I want amusing, silly challenges with low stakes and awkward circumstances, not just sexual tension and falling in love! In 2022, there were actual big-screen and streaming rom-coms with your favorite stars and hilarious plots that tumble toward a big swoon-y happy ending. This is not meant as a slight to Hallmark and Lifetime’s holiday efforts. It’s been a genuinely fantastic year for airport runs, romantic gestures, and chance encounters.

In all honesty, 2022 has also been a really fantastic year for romantic comedies on television. Check out programmes like Heartstopper, Our Flag Means Death, and Starstruck if you enjoy the genre. And naturally, the holiday season will usher in a deluge of clever television shows and streaming films about small-town romances flavored with pumpkin.
I don’t want to hear anything about multiverses or murder mysteries in new romantic comedies. They’re alright. They are given their due. But it’s the season of love.

Book of Love

The Top New Romantic Comedy Films Sparking Love in 2022 (1)

Availability: February 4

A stuffy British author who had his book translated into a steamy romance novel falls in love with the translator. TF, sign me up!

I Want You Back

Availability: February 11

With this sweet ensemble film, comedians Jenny Slate and Charlie Day got the year off to a good, romantic start. As they both sob over their respective breakups, their characters become friends and decide to support one another. Will they ultimately get along? I’m eager to learn!

Marry Me

The Top New Romantic Comedy Films Sparking Love in 2022 (2)

Availability: February 11

I may or may not have persuaded myself that this romantic comedy starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez will end all tragedies. Their chemistry is out of this world, and the fake relationship trope is the “chef’s kiss.” If you haven’t seen the trailers, it’s about a pop star who weds a man in the crowd at her concert after discovering her well-known fiancé having an affair. (Since they’re both professional rom-com actors, it better be!)

The Lost City

on the 25th of March.

The Lost City of D, get it? ), was the previous title of this film.

Cowards, change it back!). Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum make a welcome return to the genre in this story about a romance author who finds herself on an island with an eccentric billionaire who wants her to find the treasure she wrote about in her most recent *fictional* book. By the way, Brad Pitt is also in this.

Fire Island

The Top New Romantic Comedy Films Sparking Love in 2022 (3)

Released on June 3rd.

In this Pride and Prejudice-inspired Hulu rom-com, Joel Kim Booster both wrote and stars as a group of gay friends traveling together. I’m excited, and you should be too because the movie also stars Bowen Yang from Saturday Night Live, Matt Rogers, Conrad Ricamora from How to Get Away With Murder, and Margaret Cho.

Cha Cha Real Smooth

Date of publication: June 17

This independent love story seems…so endearing? Two adults who meet each other in various stages of arrested development are the subject of the story. Cooper Raiff, who also wrote and directed the movie, is in it. Even just watching the trailer makes my heart feel full, so at least they have good chemistry! It might be moodier and less comical than some rom-coms, but my heart is full regardless!

Three Thousand Years of Longing

The Top New Romantic Comedy Films Sparking Love in 2022 (4)

Availability: August 26

This is Not a Drill, Idris Elba Plays a Hot Genie, and That’s It, That’s the Movie!


Availability: October 6

Shakespeare’s most famous tragic romance has been referenced in tongue-in-cheek era comedies. From the perspective of the woman, Romeo was dating *before* he met his star-crossed lover, this is the story of Romeo and Juliet. (And Rosaline is mentioned in the play, yes.)

Ticket to Paradise

Availability: October 21

Oh, you thought J.Lo and Sandra returning to the genre wasn’t enough? What about George Clooney and Julia Roberts?


Yes, they prepared a small rom-com for us as well, and I’m thrilled. It’s like the Parent Trap crossed with Blockers in reverse; it’s about two divorced parents who attempt to prevent their daughter from entering into an impulsive marriage like they did. Do we anticipate that the parents will reconcile? I am eager to find out.

Falling for Christmas

The Top New Romantic Comedy Films Sparking Love in 2022 (5)

Availability: November 10

Of course, everyone is anxiously awaiting Lindsay Lohan’s return to rom-coms. that Falling for Christmas is a Christmas movie and a romantic comedy? Icing.

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