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Cheer Up Season 9: Where Can I Watch Cheer Up?

Another sports drama with a great balance of romance, drama, and thrills is Cheer Up. Do Hae-Yi, a student at Yonhee University, is the main character of the tale. She is intelligent and hardworking, but because of her family’s dire financial situation, she is compelled to prioritize earning money over pursuing an education.

When Hae-Yi joins Theia’s cheerleading squad, however, everything is altered. She only joins for financial gain but quickly finds herself drawn into the close-knit group dynamic. One of them is former cheerleader Bae Young-Woong, who now provides both material and emotional support for the group.

If you’ve been watching this K-drama, you might be curious about when the new episode will air. Then stop wondering!

The Release Date for Episode 9 of Cheer Up!

Episode 9 of Cheer Up!  aired on Tuesday, November 8 at around 4 p.m. (GMT). Before the entire chapter has been fully subbed, the Viki subtitle team can occasionally be a little slow. Having said that, anticipate more in-depth subtitles. Viu typically experiences less delay.

Cheer Up Season 9

The broadcast was supposed to air on Monday, the 7th, but that date was changed because of the tragedy in Itaewon. SBS, however, made the announcement that this would be postponed due to a rescheduled baseball game airing very late in the game. I apologize if those guys were unclear. Accordingly, episodes 10 and 11 will now air the following week.


Keeping with the length of the rest of the show, anticipate episode 9 to last about 1 hour and 4 minutes.

How Many Episodes Will There Be of “Cheer Up”?

Two episodes of the 16-episode K-drama Cheer Up are released each week. In light of that, there are still 7 episodes to go after this one!

Recap of Cheer Up Episode 8

The dynamics between Sun Ho and Hae Yi changed in the most recent Cheer Up episode. Sun Ho rarely draws attention to his flaws. He did, however, have a troubled past. He has been permanently scarred by these incidents. He had someone to discuss it with at last.

Cheer Up Season 9

We can see hints of Sun Ho’s motivations for not pursuing or desiring more committed relationships if we look at his past. He has seen his father love another woman since he was a young child, and despite knowing it, his mother still showed him, unwavering love. He views love negatively as a result of the incident.

Does Cheer Up Have a Trailer?

There is, in fact. Below is a trailer for Season 1 of Cheer Up:

What Channel Has  “Cheer Up”?

Woori The Virgin can be watched online on Viki and Viu in some regions. Unfortunately, those don’t cover Europe or the UK. But for Korean viewers, Cheer Up is currently airing at 22.00 on SBS (KST).

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