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One Piece Odyssey Release Date: Release Date is Confirmed?

When it comes to Japanese animation and manga, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Bleach were once regarded as the “big four.” This is due in part to the fact that they were not only very well-liked but also powerful and lasted for many years, if not decades.

The Dragon Ball Super franchise has survived without its original creator even though only two of the original four are still active. One Piece recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, which serves as further evidence of why it is the most well-known manga and anime of all time.

Who is the One Piece Odyssey Author?

One Piece Odyssey, which will make its debut at Summer Game Fest in 2022, will be the next entry in the One Piece canon, according to information that was made public in May.

One Piece Odyssey Release Date

It promises to be the most faithful game to the series to date because series creator Eiichiro Oda was heavily involved in the game’s direction.


Only fleeting glimpses of gameplay and the hazy description that One Piece Odyssey is a JRPG are provided. Players will be able to see their enemies in the real world and choose whether to approach them or flee, just like in recent Dragon Quest games. In the traditional sense, the combat system is a turn-based RPG. This system is built around the Scramble Area Battles. Due to this, battles are divided into areas where both your party and the opposition will randomly disperse.

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Battles’ “Dramatic Scene” feature will also let luck have some influence on how they turn out. It was suggested that Sanji might not be able to fight because he is surrounded by women. Those who can persevere in these circumstances are rewarded with more expensive items.

It is well known that you will have some degree of influence over the Straw Hat Pirates, including Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper Robin, Frankie, and Brook. You can change characters at any time, and each one has a unique set of abilities (like Zoro’s swords or Luffy’s stretch arms).

Other than that, all we get to do is watch people wander around open spaces looking for treasure and figuring out puzzles.


Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates are moving through the woods in One Piece Odyssey.
Despite not having a set release date, One Piece Odyssey is currently accessible for pre-order on the official website.

One Piece Odyssey Release Date (2)
The Standard Edition costs $60, but the fact that there are other editions available suggests that there will be more in the future. If that happens, we’ll be sure to update this page with all the pertinent details.

Launch Date

Since the game’s release window was set for 2022 when One Piece Odyssey was announced, fans won’t have to wait too long. Unfortunately, the game’s release date has been moved from 2022 to January 12, 2023, the first day of the new year.


The renowned Straw Hat ship is depicted lying on an island’s sand and partially submerged at the start of the promotional trailer. The beach is littered with bizarre, colorful, and completely bewildered-looking creatures in addition to the caves and temple-like structures.

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Finally, some brief clips of Luffy and the crew climbing, exploring the island, and discovering treasure have reached us. A cool montage showcasing the distinctive fighting techniques of each crew member is also included. A mysterious figure approaches the spot where Luffy left his hat in the sand as the teaser comes to an end.

Oda, the original creator of the series, would be in charge of both the new story and characters, though no specifics about the plot were revealed. At Summer Game Fest, the One Piece Odyssey world premiere trailer debuted, giving players a closer look at the game.

When Luffy notices a mysterious island with a bright light shooting into the sky, he and his crew are sailing along the Grand Line. Because Luffy is curious, the Knock Up Stream forces his hand by launching their ship into the air and crashing it down toward the island.

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You’ll encounter a variety of game characters and other elements when you get to the island. The song ends with the cryptic phrase “This is a world created from your memories.”

Bandai released a development diary with commentary from the game’s producer, composer, and the current editor of the One Piece manga in place of a trailer. They cover a lot of ground, but the game’s design goal was to capture the spirit of the epic adventure in the original material and fully exploit what makes this manga unique. They emphasize the phrase “let’s travel to the heart of memories” as being crucial to understanding the gist of the game.

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