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Selena Gomez Net Worth: How much money did Selena Gomez make on Wizards of Waverly Place?

Selena Gomez holds a number of positions in addition to being a musician and actress, including brand founder, executive producer, host of a cooking show, and brand ambassador. It is therefore not surprising that she has a sizable net worth. However, how much exactly is Selena Gomez worth, and where does she get all of her money from?

Well, the reality is that Selena’s yearly salary is actually made up of paychecks from various sources. The Disney Channel alum is the epitome of multi-faceted, and her net worth undoubtedly reflects that. She has a variety of ventures under her belt, including her Rare Beauty makeup line, her HBO Max partnership on Selena + Chef, her at-home cooking show Selena + Chef, her nearly decade-long music career, and her starring role in Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. Continue reading below to learn everything we know about Selena Gomez’s salary and net worth.

How much money did Selena Gomez make on Wizards of Waverly Place?

Selena made her debut in the entertainment business at the age of 7, when she was cast in a role on the kids’ TV program Barney & Friends. Selena made the acquaintance of Demi Lovato, a future friend, and fellow Disney alum, at this location, where she also earned a sizable salary. Money Inc. estimates that Selena earned $3,000 per episode.

Selena Gomez Net Worth

Selena soon began securing appearances on important children’s television programs, including Disney’s Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. But when she was cast in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, she got her big break. She appeared in the show as the magic-wielding adolescent Alex Russo, and according to Money Inc., she was paid an estimated $30,000 per episode for the part.

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Selena proudly recalled her time at Disney in an August 2021 interview with She said, “I’m incredibly proud of the work I did with Disney. It in some ways helped to mold who I am. Selena later went into more detail about her relationship with Disney and her time as a cast member of Wizards of Waverly Place, mentioning how well-cared for she was. She said, “I have to say, I’m very lucky. “I’m grateful for that because I was taken care of and only had wonderful experiences as a female in my position,” the speaker said.

How Much Money Does Selena Gomez Make as a Musician?

With the release of her single “Come & Get It” in 2013, Selena formally began her solo music career. The Disney alum soon after released Stars Dances, her debut solo album, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. Selena’s musical success has only increased since that time. Selena released Rare, her third studio album, in 2020. Her third number-one album on the Billboard 200 charts, the album sold over 117,000 units in its first week, per Billboard.

Selena Gomez Net Worth

Selena probably receives a sizable salary from her record sales, but the real money comes from her touring. For instance, Selena’s 2014 “Stars Dance Tour” brought in an estimated $20.3 million at the box office, compared to $35.6 million for her 2016 “Revival Tour,” per Seventeen.

In 2022, How Much Money Will Selena Gomez Be Worth?

Selena Gomez’s net worth is projected to be $85 million in 2022 by Celebrity Net Worth. Selena’s net worth is what it is today due to a number of other factors, such as her brand partnerships, makeup, and clothing lines, in addition to her earnings from her Instagram sponsorships and TV and movie careers. These include, according to E! News, a $30 million partnership with Puma as well as brand alliances with Coach, Kmart, and other companies.

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Selena Gomez discussed her insecurities that date back to her days as a child star in her documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, which was released in 2022. “I hear a voice in my head saying, “You missed this. That is awful. That is awful. Wow, that looks pretty fucking shitttty, you see yourself on the screen, she said. “I just feel like it drains all of my life away, and I don’t want to perform. Simply put, the pressure is excessive.

Selena Gomez Net Worth (3)

In 2022, Selena also opened up to Rolling Stone about her battles with suicidal thoughts and her four visits to a physical therapist. She confessed, “I thought the world would be better if I wasn’t there. “I think when I started hitting my early twenties is when it started to get really dark when I started to feel like I was not in control of what I was feeling, whether that was really great or really bad,” she told the magazine at the time, adding that she had been to “four treatment centers.”

“It would start with depression, then it would turn into isolation,” she continued. The only thing left was that I was unable to get out of bed. Nobody should have spoken to me, I thought. Because they care about me, my friends would bring me food, but none of us knew what it was. I would occasionally spend weeks in bed, to the point where I could barely breathe even going downstairs.

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Selena added that the pressure she placed on herself for various life stages was a contributing factor in her mental health issues. She said, “I always thought I’d be married at 25.” “I couldn’t have been any further away from that, and it wrecked me. Despite how stupid it was, I truly believed that my life was over.

Aside from her best friend Taylor Swift, whom she referred to as her “only friend in the industry,” she further admitted that she felt like she “never fit in with a cool group of girls that were celebrities.” “I remember feeling like I didn’t belong,” she continued. Everybody living their lives to the fullest around me was palpable. I was extremely happy that I had this job, but was I really? Do these worldly possessions make me happy? Because I didn’t know who I was, I simply didn’t like who I was.

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