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The Noel Diary: Has it been released?

Even though October hasn’t even arrived yet, Netflix is already organizing its Christmas movie lineup! According to recent claims from What’s On Netflix, the popular book The Noel Diary by Richard Paul Evan has been acquired by Netflix.

Justin Hartley, a former member of This Is Us, has been cast in the film, which also stars Bonnie Bedelia and Treat Williams.

For those who aren’t familiar with the book, there is a lengthy summary available online, but according to Netflix, the movie is about a man who returns home to manage his estranged mother’s estate and develops a romantic relationship with an old friend.

We can infer from the book’s and the movie’s titles that the story will center on what he finds at home, particularly in an old journal that someone named Noel left behind.

The film’s screenplay was co-written by Rebecca Connor and David Golden with Charles Shyer, who also served as the film’s director.
Together with Andrew Gernhard and Norman Stephens, Hartley will co-produce the movie. Margret H. Huddleston, Stephanie Slack, and Timothy O. Johnson will produce.

When Will the Noel Diary Be Released?

The Noel Diary

The Noel Diary, a movie that has been released exclusively on Netflix on November 24, 2022, has not been released during the Christmas season as originally anticipated.

Who will play which roles in The Noel Diary?

The cast will consist of:

What is the Noel Diary’s Plot Summary?

Best-selling author Jake Turner, played by Justin Hartley, discovers Rachel, played by Barrett Doss, an intriguing young woman on her own quest, and a journal that may contain secrets from his own history while returning home for the holidays to settle his separated mother’s estate.

The Noel Diary

Together, they embark on a trip to confront their past experiences and discover an incredibly unexpected future.

What’s the Story Behind the Noel Diary?

In the movie, Justin Hartley plays best-selling author Jacob Turner, who comes home for the holidays to settle his mother’s estate after she passes away. Then he discovers a diary. The journal is not your typical one. It conceals mysteries from his own past. His discovery of a diary left by a Noel reveals several details about Jacob’s own past.


Here comes Rachel (Barrett Doss), a stunning young lady on her own mysterious journey. The two embark on a journey together to face their pasts and look toward the future.

If any new information becomes available to us in the future, we’ll make sure to keep you informed. This page will soon be updated with all the latest details. Watch this space for additional recent updates.

The Noel Diary Official Trailer

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