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Steven Universe Season 7: What is the Status of Renewal?

After the sixth season of Steven Universe on Cartoon Network ended abruptly, fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of season 7. It also went by the name Steven Universe Future and advanced the plot somewhat differently. Steven Universe’s previous season, however, only aired for a total of five weeks with two episodes in each time slot, and viewers are eager for more.

Because of this, Rebecca Sugar must be developing a brand-new plot for season 7 of Steven Universe. As a result, we can predict that the Steven Universe Season 7 trailer and renewal will be announced soon, while the second season of Steven Universe Future may not happen at all.

7th season of Steven Universe: status of the renewal

Steven Universe Season 7 (1)

after the 10-episode sixth season of Steven Universe premiered on Cartoon Network on December 7, 2019. On December 28, 2019, the final two episodes has aired, according to the producers.

Steven Universe Future Season 2 Update

The final two episodes of Steven Universe season 6 were “Little Graduation” and “Prickly Pair.” Following that, neither Cartoon Network nor the show’s creator, Rebecca Sugar, provided any additional information, and the upcoming season has not yet received an official announcement.

The fifth installment of the Steven Universe saga was only continued in the most recent season, and there is still much more to be revealed. Simply put, it means that there won’t be a Steven Universe Future season 2 because that story was intended to wrap up the Season 5 finale, “Change Your Mind,” and it has no further use after that.

7th Season of Steven Universe Story

Steven’s universe is entirely based in a made-up universe in which a group of powerful alien warriors known as the crystal gems has been defending humanity from monsters and other cosmic threats ever since they rebelled against the actual gem clan.

The group consists of Steven, who is the son of the former crystal gem group leader, garnet, amethyst, and pearl. We see the entry of peridot and jasper from the gem clan due to a certain gem that bore risk to the crystal gems and has been trapped because of the millennials out there.

Steven Universe Season 7 (1)

The first season of the show is primarily based on the crystal gems learning about the history of the group and how Steven’s mother Rose was a complete rebellion who wanted to save the earth. By the second season, however, peridot has joined the crystal gems and is fighting alongside them to defend humanity from a different store that is buried deep within the earth and poses a serious threat to it. As the crystal gems embark on various adventures, attempt to save humanity, and battle monsters, the narrative continues in this manner.

Where can we find Steven’s Universe to watch?

All of the show’s streaming rights are currently held by HBO Max, and some of the seasons are also accessible via the Netflix service; in Australia, the show is streamable via the Binge service.

Steven Universe Ratings and Reviews:

“Steven Universe” has gained a sizable fan base and received favorable comments. As a result, it received ratings of 8.1/10 on IMDb, 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 8.8/10 on

Therefore, if you haven’t seen any of the seasons, you must. You will undoubtedly think it is worthwhile, and you can gauge this from the show’s ratings.

Let’s get to the news now: Is it currently in pre-production or not? What’s the state of the renewal?

Should We Assume That Steven Universe is Over Now?

Yes, Steven Universe Season 7 is currently still canceled because the producers have not made any announcements.

Steven Universe Season 7 (3)

Any announcement made by the showrunner or producers regarding the seventh episode will be edited into the relevant section. Since there has been no indication that the Steven Universe will continue, we are assuming that it will end at that point.

Steven Universe Season 7: Who Has Appeared in the Seventh Episode?

We have no official statements about the Steven Universe Season 7 cast. Among the previous seasons’ voice actors are:

All of these are the show’s top-tier lead artists who provided the voices for your favorite animated characters.

Burn Notice is a seven-season television series. Fans are wondering if Season 8 will be released after the conclusion of Part 7. If you’re interested in this spy drama, check out Burn Notice Season 8 all the updates.

Finally, the producers have been mum on whether or not they intend to continue the show. As a result, we can probably assume the creators have little interest in developing the series further. We will let you know if the producers give a positive response to the same or make any sort of public statement.

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