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Elite Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, and More!

The sixth season of the Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona-produced teen drama television series Elite will premiere next month. The show explores ideas and themes typical of teen dramas, but it also addresses more modern problems and shows other sides to its clichés.

Eight episodes of the first season, which debuted on Netflix in October 2018, were well-received by reviewers. People praised the writing, acting, and portrayal of mature themes in the series and hailed it as a guilty pleasure.

The second season was released in September 2019 following the success of the first season, followed by the third season in March 2020, the fourth season in June 2021, and the fifth season on April 8, 2022. Netflix renewed the show for a sixth season in October 2021; it will premiere on November 18, 2022.

Release Date for Elite Season 6 on Ott

Netflix released a teaser trailer and the release date for the upcoming Elite season on September 26, 2022. The premiere date for season 6 on Netflix has been set as November 18, 2022. We are receiving two Elite seasons in a calendar year for the first time in Elite history.

Netflix has not yet confirmed the number of episodes, but we anticipate there will be 8 just like the previous season.

Elite Season 6 Star Cast: Who Will Be in the Series? 

What Can You Tell Me About the Plot of the Sixth Season of Elite?

The following is the official plot summary for the sixth season of Elite, which can be found in the press release issued by Netflix:

“Las Encinas High School is starting a new school year with the intention of burying its shameful history after the passing of yet another student. However, tensions remain due to the pervasive racism, sexism, domestic abuse, and homophobia that can be found throughout the halls of the prestigious institution. If the administration of the school does not take steps to eradicate these problems, the student body is prepared to do so on their behalf.


Netflix has not yet shared a trailer for the sixth season of Elite, despite the fact that the new episode will be available in November. Therefore, continue to check Web News Observer for additional updates pertaining to the trailer.

Elite Season 6 Official Trailer

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