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Romantic Killer Season 2: Is the Second Season of Romantic Killer Necessary?

A hilarious parody of the dating sim genre, Romantic Killer was a lot of fun to binge, but it ended way too soon. There are hopes for a second season to come out soon, but the anime will have to continue the story on its own because the source material has been completely adapted. Here is everything we currently know about Netflix’s Romantic Killer’s second season.

The Japanese romantic comedy anime series Romantic Killer is a Netflix Original and is based on the same-named manga by Wataru Momose. Kazuya Ichikawa is in charge of directing the manga adaptation.

Video games are all that Anzu Hoshino can think about, and that’s all she wants to do. She is shocked when a wizard from a magical realm shows up and coerces Hoshino into taking part in a project to reverse the population decline in his world. Hoshino, who is now living out her very own dating sim, only wants to go home to play video games, cuddle with cats, and eat chocolate.

What is the Netflix Renewal Situation for Romantic Killer?

The status of Romantic Killer on Netflix has not changed as of the time of this writing. This is not shocking considering how recently the anime series has been made available on Netflix for streaming.

Romantic Killer Season 2 (2)

Fans will have to wait to learn more about the upcoming Romantic Killer on Netflix because anime series has some of the longest waits for renewal information.

We’ll also have the top-ten information and hourly viewing figures within the next few weeks. This means that if the series has done well on a global scale, a renewal is likely.

Is the Second Season of Romantic Killer Necessary?

Since the manga’s English translation is currently only available for its first volume, we had to read ahead in order to determine how much of the manga’s original Japanese scans had been translated. We can attest that the Netflix anime adaptation has covered all 38 of the manga’s chapters.

This does not imply, however, that Romantic Killer won’t appear on Netflix in the future.

Romantic Killer Season 2 (2)

The anime ends on the same cliffhanger as the manga, with the information that Anzu’s three favorite things—video games, chocolate, and her cat—have been temporarily returned to her. Anzu will lose all three for good if she is still single by the end of high school. The wizard Kate’s new assignment is given to Yukana in the anime, which is a significant departure from the manga. Meanwhile, Riri takes off into the sky while informing the audience that Anzu’s love life is progressing, leaving us with a “to be continued.”

Therefore, it appears that the anime will continue even though the manga has ostensibly ended.

Romantic Killer’s Scheduled Debut?

On October 27th at 12 am PT, the Netflix anime series has made available worldwide on Netflix.

How to Watch Online Romantic Killer?

The ability to watch Romantic Killer on Netflix will be available to viewers. Netflix’s entry-level package costs $9.99. You must purchase the standard package for $15.49 if you want HD. The premium Ultra HD package, meanwhile, costs $19.99. Here is everything else we know about the Netflix advertising strategy.

Voice Cast of Romantic Killer

The main cast is as follows:

Is a Trailer Available?

Yes, there is! Examine it below:

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