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Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford Dress as Baby and Old Man for Halloween. Why?

There was a more than 10-year age difference between Billie and Jesse, so when dating rumors first surfaced, people took notice. On December 18, Billie will turn 21, and Jesse will turn 31 on August 21. One of the most influential young couples in the music business is now made up of the two singers.

The Grammy Award-winning artist Billie released her most recent studio album, Happier Than Ever, in July of last year. The rock group The Neighbourhood, whose most recent album, Chip Chrome & the Mono-Tones, was released in September 2020, is led by Jesse.

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Recently, the couple went out to dinner in Los Angeles. They are known for showing PDA wherever they go. Billie and Jesse were seen a few weeks ago walking through the streets of Los Angeles, unfazed by the onlookers’ cameras.

Billie Eilish Was “Surprised” When People Called Her Music “Depressing.”

According to Billie Eilish, learning that some listeners found her music to be “depressing” was “so surprising.”

The singer is one of many musicians who will examine their musical beginnings in a new Audible series titled Origins, along with Doja Cat, King Princess, Koffee, Mickey Guyton, Flying Lotus, Camilo, and Tobe Nwigwe.

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In her episode, Eilish reflected on her own musical beginnings, saying, “It was so weird to me when I was first coming up and, and the thing everybody said was, like, ‘Billie Eilish’s music is so depressing, and it’s so sad, and it’s too dark.'” (via Rolling Stone) “What are you talking about?” I asked. Have you listened to Lana Del Rey, “Yesterday,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” and The Beatles? What the hell, like?

“I found it incredibly unexpected that people would interpret anything I produced as dark. It’s real, I mean.

On November 17, all episodes of Origins will be made available on Audible. They will mix performances and spoken accounts.


Doja Cat commented on her episode in a statement, saying, “I’ve always tried to bring my fans into my world. Being who I am instead of what other people want me to be is more important to me. I hope Origins will help people understand who I really am because I want them to.

The show will be the successor to Audible’s Words + Music collection, which has included works by Sheryl Crow, John Legend, and Alanis Morissette, among others.

According to Audible’s Executive Vice President and Head of US Content Rachel Ghiazza, “Audible has been fortunate to work with some of the most beloved and iconic musicians of our time through our Words + Music series – one that focuses on the work of immensely talented artists and their incredible and varied impacts musically and personally.

Billie Eilish Shared Her New and Incredibly Optimistic Approach to Fitness, Saying, “I’m a Gym Rat Now.”

With her physical ups and downs, Billie Eilish is unfiltered and authentic. Eilish has previously spoken about her body issues, but more recently, she has shared how she has changed her approach to fitness and the gym, where she has finally stepped foot.
The “Happier Than Ever” singer acknowledged that she has been exercising frequently and that she adores it during a recent interview with Apple Music. This was done with the intention of getting physically ready for her upcoming performances.
In the interview, Eilish stated, “I have been working on my bones and my body for the last — really since [getting injured].”

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She continued by saying that the majority of this welcome opportunity occurred over the previous four months. “And more seriously, over the past four months, I’ve completely altered how my life revolves around fitness; I’m now a gym rat; when the [censored] did that happen?

Speaking about her decision to start working out and her desire to avoid experiencing the same thing as she did when she previously sprained her ankle while performing during a Milan show, Eilish said, “I don’t know but it did. It started with ‘I can’t get injured anymore, can’t do it, not going to let myself live like that.’ Because I lived like that for years.”

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