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Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Funny, Eerie, and Silly Best Celebrity Halloween Attire So Far in 2022!

Halloween fun is here, and now is the time of year when you can dress up as your favorite actors, TV characters from cartoons, and even a few reality stars. We adore every one of the celebrities who have already shared their creepiest Halloween outfits.

Scroll down to see some examples of famous people’s Halloween attire, from Lizzo’s Simpsons to Kylie Jenner’s transformation into a witch.

Megan Fox as well as Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, the wildest couple in Hollywood, are once again killing it in their Halloween attire. Kelly wore a 90s rock star costume to this year’s Halloween party.


At the same time, Pamela Anderson, played by Megan Fox, looked stunning by his side.

Fashion Model Ashley Graham

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes (3)

The angelic Ashley Graham. Graham exited her house in a short blue dress with a floral pattern. She finished it off by tying a couple of tiny knots and adding a pair of angel wings.

Kim and  Hailey

Kylie and her best friend Hailey celebrated Halloween by dressing as witches.

Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham

Infatuated couple This Halloween, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz dress as Romeo and Juliet.

Vanessa Hudgens’s

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes (4)

Vanessa Hudgens chose to dress up as a Black Swan for Halloween this year. Venessa posted a slew of photos on Instagram of her friend GG Magree, who was dressed as a white Swan.

Kylie Jenner

Your mind will be blown away by Kylie Jenner‘s second appearance. After the evil witch, Kylie shocked everyone by releasing numerous images of herself dressed as the “Bride of Frankenstein.”

Doja Cat

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes (5)

This year, Doja Cat let out her inner Catwoman. Doja sent out some photos of her wearing a skirt, jacket, and boots made of leather. With her big cross necklace and make-up, she added more drama.


Lizzo was a master of Halloween costumes. After dressing up as baby Yoda last year, Lizzo took things a step further this year by dressing up as Marge Simpson.

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