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What Time Does Netflix Release Family Reunion Season 3 (Part 5)?

Many Netflix members are seeking some fun, family-friendly content to watch on Netflix as the holiday season draws near. You can always count on Family Reunion to make you laugh, and this week, season 3 (part 5) of the show finally debuts on the service.

The McKellan family will be the subject of 10 brand-new episodes, which is wonderful, but the show’s third and last season is also a drawback. At the conclusion of season 2, the show’s creator, Meg DeLoatch, also resigned as showrunner, but she is still listed as an executive producer. For the last season, writers Arthur Harris and Adrienne Carter were elevated to co-showrunners.

The primary cast, which includes Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Loretta Devine, Talia Jackson, Anthony Alabi, Cameron J. Wright, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, and Jordyn Raya James, is all returning for season 3 despite a change in hierarchy behind the scenes. Grandpa Jeb, M’Dear’s spouse, will continue to be played by Richard Roundtree in recurring roles.

When Will the Fifth Installment of Family Reunion Air on HBO Max?

On Thursday, October 27, at 3 a.m. Eastern Time, Netflix will begin streaming the third and final season of Family Reunion. Pacific Time residents can view the new episodes as early as midnight, while Central Time residents must wait until 2:00 a.m. to watch the new season.

Reunion Season 3 (Part 5)

When the first ten episodes air on Thursday, do you intend to watch them all right away, or will you hold off until the weekend? If you reside abroad, you can use our practical guide to find out when the new season debuts based on your time zone.

To guarantee you don’t miss a single second of Family Reunion season 3, if you don’t already have a Netflix subscription, sign up before Thursday. After you’ve finished making a Netflix subscription useful, you can watch a tonne of other fantastic sitcoms like Sister, Sister, The Upshaws, Fuller House, and New Girl.

What’s the Storyline of Family Reunion’s Last Season?

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t yet produced a trailer for “Family Reunion” Part 5, but one significant plot development from Part 4’s ending will undoubtedly influence the show’s outcome. Cocoa discloses that she is expecting a fifth McKellan in “Remember M’Dear’s Roast.” The family experiences mixed emotions during what should be a time of pure celebration because Cocoa and Moz recently filed for bankruptcy as a result of struggling to pay for three mortgages at once.

Reunion Season 3 (Part 5) (2)

Both incidents will undoubtedly have an impact on Part 5. The family will have to make significant cuts to their expenses, and as Cocoa and Moz have already had to cope with the loss of comfort, it may be a difficult road for them to go. The addition of a new brother will also require the four McKellan children to adjust, which could lead to conflict on many levels. Fortunately, they have M’Dear’s solid presence and Grandpa’s mild humor to help them get through it.

Who Will Play the Lead Role in Family Reunion’s Last Season?

The entire regular cast of “Family Reunion” will return for its last performance, according to Deadline. That includes Jordyn Raya James, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Anthony Alabi, Talia Jackson, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, and Loretta Devine (as M’Dear, Cocoa, Moz, and Jade, respectively) (Ami). In his role as Grandpa, Richard Roundtree will return for the last ten episodes of the series.
No further information has been provided regarding the season’s guest stars or whether any members of the recurring or supporting cast will make an appearance.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Family Reunion” will undergo one extremely significant behind-the-scenes adjustment in Season 3.

Reunion Season 3 (Part 5) (3)

As co-showrunners, Adrienne Carter and Arthur Harris will collaborate. Meg DeLoatch, who created the series, will still be participating in the third season’s development but will no longer be the showrunner. To serve as the showrunner for “The Neighborhood,” she has shifted her attention to CBS. In October 2021, shortly after “Family Reunion” earned its final pickup, she told the magazine,

“I will always be grateful to Netflix for giving me the opportunity to finally tell my story and the platform to share the lovely, caring, and cheerful McKellan family with the world. Both Harris and Carter have a tonne of prior sitcom experience; according to IMDb, Carter produced and wrote for “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Brothers,” and “Eve,” while Harris wrote for shows including “Living Single,” “One on One,” and “The Jamie Foxx Show.”

Where to Watch Family Reunion Seasons Past

Netflix is subtly bringing back the classic, studio-shot, multi-camera, laugh track-enabled sitcom and giving the audience what they want with episodes like “The Ranch” and “Family Reunion.” “Family Reunion,” which will premiere in 2019 and feature well-known actors like Tia Mowry-Hardrict from “Sister Sister,” Richard Roundtree from “Shaft,” and Loretta Devine from “Grey’s Anatomy,” has proven to be a big hit.

As a result, it has three seasons and 45 episodes left to air over the course of the next three calendar years. According to Anthony Alabi, a co-star on the show, Part 5 of “Family Reunion,” which consists of all 10 episodes, will be released on Netflix in one go on October 27, 2022.

If viewers want to binge the entire series up to this point or to refresh their memories by seeing Parts 3 and 4, “Family Reunion” is only accessible on Netflix and will fit in perfectly with the plethora of episodes currently available.

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