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The Patient: Will There Be a Second Season? First Season Was Advertised as a Limited Series!

There is no better place to look than the first season of The Patient on FX if you’ve ever pondered whether or not the legendary comic actor Steve Carrell is capable of playing a more serious character on screen.

Dr. Alan Strauss, the character that Steve played, was a therapist who was held captive by his own inner demons as well as the client who was a serial killer. Wait, so who exactly is the patient being referred to by the headline of this article, then?

And what about a second season of The Patient? will it be happening? This is what we currently know.

Is the Second Season of ‘the Patient’ Going to Be Produced?

In that case, Steve won’t be back in his role as Dr. Strauss even if there is a sequel.

After all, the aforementioned serial killer client, Sam, played by Domhnall Gleeson, did in fact fulfill his murderous desires and take the life of Dr. Strauss in the season one finale of The Patient.

The Patient

Domnall pondered the prospect of Dr. Strauss’s appearance in a potential second season of The Patient and told Decider, “I think Sam would do a similar thing [to Strauss talking to his own therapist in his mind] and would visit Strauss in his mind, but it would be his version of Strauss because he doesn’t have Strauss’s expertise.” This was in reference to the fact that Strauss talked to his own therapist in his mind.

As of the 25th of October in 2022, it has not been decided whether or not The Patient would receive a second season on FX. Nevertheless, from a purely procedural standpoint, the show has not been terminated either!

What Gives? Why Does Sam End Alan’s Life? (Spoilers)

In the culmination of The Patient Season 1, a failed escape attempt made by Alan goes tragically wrong. Alan tries to bargain with Sam for his freedom after Sam finally confronts his own abusive father and refrains from killing him. Alan believes that Sam is finally beginning to heal from his deadly urges, therefore he believes that Sam is ready to negotiate (Sam has been keeping Alan captive this whole time, FYI).

Alan reassures Sam that he won’t report him to the authorities if Sam decides to set him free. Alan is under the impression that Sam will eventually be willing to let him go.

On the other hand, Sam has no intention of releasing Alan from custody. Alan makes a frantic, last-ditch effort to get away from Sam by threatening to murder Candace, Sam’s mother (who is played by Linda Edmond) if Sam does not let him go.

Alan’s attempt to flee has turned out to be quite expensive for him.


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You probably remember how Sam managed to stop himself from killing his father, didn’t you? Unfortunately, Alan provided him with the ideal channel through which he could vent his homicidal rage.

Alan implores Sam to report himself to the authorities or else he will go through with the plan to kill Candace. However, Sam does not succeed in saving Alan and instead causes his death by strangulation.

Even Steve was taken aback by the way that Season 1 of The Patient concluded. In an interview with USA Today, he stated, “I was stunned to read [the ending].” The actor revealed that when they first started filming The Patient, the cast and crew had no idea how the story would conclude. In the end, he was of the opinion that the unexpected conclusion was the most effective way for the story to come to a close, adding, “It’s not the happy ending you’d expect from Hollywood… The conclusion is more difficult to take in, but in some strange way, it’s even more fulfilling.”

Hulu currently offers a streaming service for the first season of “The Patient.”

What Domhnall Gleeson Expects Sam’s Future to Hold:

As previously mentioned, the show’s makers have stated that The Patient would remain a limited series, but Decider questioned Gleeson about whether he believed his character Sam would actually consent to live chained up in his basement. He said the following.

I’m wondering how long that will have an impact if you get what I mean. I believe Strauss leads him to a remarkable innovation. The Strauss Sam would create in his mind, however, would be his version of Strauss because he lacks Strauss’ expertise, Gleeson said. “You know how Strauss went to his own mind to talk to his therapist?

The Patient (1)

I think Sam would do a similar thing and would visit Strauss in his mind,” Gleeson said. “But without the real Strauss being there to continue helping him to undergo therapy. I believe that over time, he would begin to persuade himself that he was likely now cured.

I doubt it would endure. I’m not sure if delusion wouldn’t start to rule. However, I believe he learned something really significant at that moment. I just wonder if he would be able to maintain it without the true continuous gift of treatment.


We would like to follow Sam’s basement adventure and watch his mother adjust to her newfound control over him if The Patient were to return for Season 2. We might even get to see more of Alan’s family’s experiences if Steve Carell reprises his role as Alan in Sam’s visions (or a potential investigation into his death). But if this really is The Patient’s last episode (which it appears to be), it’s been a crazy voyage.

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