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Dramacool | Asian Drama, Movies and Shows English Subtitle!

Dramacool is a website and app that provides English-subtitled versions of popular Asian dramas, movies, and shows. Whether you’re a fan of romantic comedy or action-packed thrillers, Dramacool has you covered. Dramacool has a wide range of content, including some of the most popular Korean dramas, as well as Chinese and Japanese films.

With thousands of episodes available to watch, there’s something for everyone on this site. To start watching, simply click the link below and choose your favorite show or movie. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, just open the subtitles in the browser or app window and start enjoying.

What is Dramacool?

Dramacool is a streaming website with a wide selection of Asian dramas, movies, and shows. They provide subtitles in English so you can watch them no matter where you are in the world. They also have a wide range of genres, including romance, crime, comedy, and family dramas. You can also find new releases and classic movies on Dramacool.

The Different Types of Dramacool Shows

There are many different types of Dramacool shows. Some are based on Asian dramas, movies, and stories, while others are original productions. Some are long-running, while others are short-lived.


Some Dramacool shows are free to watch, while others require a subscription. Many of the Dramacool shows available in English are subtitled, making them more accessible to non-native English speakers.

What are the Benefits of Watching Dramacool Shows?

Dramacool is an online streaming service that offers a variety of Asian dramas, movies, and shows in English subtitling. The site has a wide selection of content to choose from, making it an ideal resource for anyone looking to improve their language skills or learn about different cultures.

The site offers a number of benefits to users, including:
-Access to a wide variety of Asian dramas, movies, and shows in English subtitling
-Opportunity to improve your language skills by watching shows in their original language
-Interesting and engaging content that can be enjoyed by all ages

How to Watch Dramacool Shows?

Dramacool is a streaming service that offers a large variety of Asian dramas, movies, and shows. All of the Dramacool content is available in English subtitles. The Dramacool website has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to browse by genre, show name, or rating. You can also search for specific content.

Dramacool (2)
To watch a Dramacool show, first sign in to your account. Then click on the “My Shows” button and select the show you want to watch. The show will be listed with its episode number and time slot. After you’ve selected the episode, it will play automatically at the corresponding time slot. If you want to watch the entire show consecutively, please make sure to schedule your watching time in advance!

If you’d like to see a particular scene from a show but don’t have time to watch the entire episode, you can choose to “Skip” it. Skip options are available for most episodes. If you’d like to see all skipped scenes together, please follow this link: [skip link].


Dramacool is a website that provides English subtitles for Asian dramas, movies, and shows. They have a wide variety of content, including dramas from both China and Korea, so there’s definitely something for everyone on this site. With over 7000 episodes and 24 different languages to choose from, Dramacool makes it easy for you to find the subtitles you need for your next binge-watch session.

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