Your News, Your Way Traffic Analytics & Market Share! is a fairly new internet Casino that’s been making waves in the industry due to its unique traffic analytics and marketing strategies. has quickly become a favorite among players because of its high-quality casino experience and its unique marketing schemes. In this blog post, we will explore’s traffic analytics and market share, and how you can use these insights to improve your own casino marketing efforts.

What is is a fairly new online betting site that has made a name for itself in the past few months by offering high-quality betting experiences and competitive odds.

In terms of traffic, is currently ranked #2 in the UK according to Alexa, with over 1 million monthly users. This impressive figure has helped the site grow rapidly since launching in May 2015, and it looks likely to continue doing so given its competitive pricing and user-friendly design. (1)

Interestingly, doesn’t just rely on UK traffic – it also sees a significant amount of activity from users in other European countries, including France (3rd), Germany (4th), Italy (5th), Sweden (6th), and Spain (7th). This demonstrates the site’s global appeal and shows that there is plenty of potential for further growth in this area.

Overall, offers an excellent gambling experience that is well worth considering if you are looking for a top choice in the UK market.

What Are the Traffic Analytics for is a social gaming platform that offers players the opportunity to win real money through betting on sporting events and competitions. The company has developed an innovative traffic analytics tool that allows analysts to track player engagement, spending, and demographic data.

The traffic analytics tool provides valuable insights into the behavior of users, which can be used to improve the user experience and increase revenue. By understanding user preferences, the company can create content that is relevant and engaging, and drive more traffic to its website.

There are several ways in which uses traffic analytics to optimize its site:

1) Content Strategy: The company focuses on developing content that is both interesting and relevant to its audience. This helps to attract new users and keep them engaged, leading to higher levels of spending on products and services. (2)

2) Traffic Generation: uses various methods (such as paid advertising) to bring more visitors to its website. This helps to boost revenues from product sales and increase user engagement overall.

3) Monitoring & Optimization: The company routinely updates its content strategy based on feedback from users and analysts, ensuring that it remains relevant and engaging. This helps to drive more traffic to the site and boost profits

What is the Market Share for is currently the sixth most popular online betting site in the UK, with a market share of 3.5%. This makes it the fifth largest betting site in the UK, behind bet365 (46%), Ladbrokes (14%), William Hill (13%), and Paddy Power (10%).

The site was founded in 2014 by two Estonian entrepreneurs, Jaan Tallinn and Priit Kallas. has been growing rapidly since its inception; in 2016 it increased its turnover by 120% to £49 million. The company is currently based in London but plans to expand into other European markets as well as the Asia Pacific.

Conclusion is popular traffic analytics and market share website. If you’re looking to better understand your online audience and see how they’re interacting with your site, is a great place to start.

Not only does the site provide detailed traffic data for individual pages and posts, but it also has tools that allow you to analyze your site’s performance on various social media platforms and track which content is most effective in driving traffic back to your site. Thanks for reading!

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