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Chesapeake Shores Series Finale Recap: the O’briens Say Goodbye and Grade It!

In the Chesapeake Shores series finale, was there a “happily ever after” for the O’Brien family? They did, of course—this is Hallmark Channel!

Following the birth of little Mick, Kevin, and Sarah’s baby (aww! ), the focus of the episode changes to the preparations for big Mick and Megan’s impending wedding, which will take place at Jess’ B&B as soon as possible.

There’s no use in waiting when you’ve already been married once. After their wedding, Mick and Megan also intend to take that long-planned world cruise. This means that Megan will take a leave of absence from the Getty while Mick informs Abby that he is retiring and giving her the reins of the family construction company. However, he hopes she won’t make the same error he did by allowing work to take over his entire life.

Chesapeake Shores Series Finale Recap (1)

Nell sends Megan a hairclip from Ireland as her “something new” before the ceremony, which makes Megan remember she had forgotten about that tradition. As something blue and borrowed, Bree lends her sapphire ring. When Megan runs into Mick, he makes the joke that he is something old, he dashes home in quest of something old. The antique wedding band that Mick had kept all these years after their divorce is then returned to her by Mick.

The Finale of the Chesapeake Shores Series

After the couple exchanges vow, the family returns home and gathers around the fire pit with their significant others to watch the episode’s final moments. There are also some major announcements, boy! similar to a wedding! a pregnancy, too! To check in on the O’Brien siblings, let’s go back in time:

Abby goes into Mandrake after Mick gives her the business, and she offers him a position as her right-hand man. Evan later confides in Abby about his mother’s violent boyfriend and how their flight resulted in her vehicle accident. Then Evan reconciles with his natural father. It makes logical that Evan is now focusing on the future after facing his past.

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He brings Abby to his new home and tells her that he loves her and her entire family before popping the question with a heckuva rock. Naturally, Abby accepts his offer with joy. They both say, “I love you, and I like you,” taking a page out of Leslie and Ben’s Parks and Recreation notebook. Mandrake has an apartment in their new house that is located over the garage, yet he is still debating whether he wants to work for Abby or return to Evan.

Chesapeake Shores Series Finale Recap (2)

David is informed by Jess that they have already started trying and that she is eager to start a family.

Chesapeake Shores Series Finale* Luke visits Bree before leaving the hospital against the doctor’s orders. He is leaving town because he doesn’t want to burden her with his difficulties. Bree declares her love for him and the fact that he is not entitled to make life decisions for her.

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Luke claims to love her as well, but he has no intention of attending the wedding because doing so would be inappropriate. Thankfully, just as the wedding is about to begin, the obstinate man changes his mind and unexpectedly arrives. He tells Bree that when things are too good, he doesn’t trust them, but she makes him want to.

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* Despite being a full partner, Margaret is upset with Connor for taking on David’s father’s case and completely dismissing her opinions. But when Margaret discovers that David’s father is being set up by his friend and that they can actually win this case, the frost between them begins to break.

Future physician Kevin chooses to submit applications to the University of Pittsburgh and Johns Hopkins.

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